Art competition targets kids with Sh50k prize

Art competition targets kids with Sh50k prize3 out of 50 based on 3 voters.

african-art-kids-kenyaKenya kids stand a chance to win as much as Sh50,000 in an art competition aimed at promoting creativity.

This is thanks to the MASK Prize, an annual competition held by the Mobile Arts School in Kenya.

An art competition with a difference, the MASK Prize aims to “ encourage creativity on a national scale”, remarks MASK.

It is not your usual art competition as it hopes to increase creativity as the man skill for success across all activities and eventually link art, creativity and intelligence.

Open to all schools, colleges and universities across Africa and its diasporas, the competition caters to children aged between three and twenty-five years.

Running under the theme ,'Young People-The Creative Nation', the art competition aims to encourage students to “think outside of the box”.

“Creative can be scientists, doctors, farmers, engineers, not only artists,” explains MASK. It is for this reason that to enter the competition, one does not have to be necessarily good at art.

Work submitted can be of three types. The first is artwork done on paper, canvas, board, sculpture , street or computer art.  The next category is for photographs, photojournalism or graphic design.

The third section of work that can be submitted is that of videos. It must be less than 3 minutes. It may include one singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument and the like.

For ones project to stand out, MASK advises ideas or solutions that can improve the lives of people or the planet earth.  Another tip according to MASK is to use innovative methods for the artwork such as making a collage, use of recycled material, putting a poem into music.

With a deadline of May 1st, interested children can submit their work on line or via post.

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