Kenya kids benefit from free chess lessons

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kids-playing-chess-kenyaKenya kids have a chance to learn chess for free thanks to a chess company which is on a campaign to sensitize children on the game through their free school training.

Being run by Prox Chess House, the organization is going round schools teaching chess and selling the board games.

Started just over a year ago the organisation aims at creating awareness of the game especially among children.

“We would like to sensitize people on chess and feel that schools are a good place to start because it helps someone grow in their education and be analytical,” remarked Titus Mwangi who is the founder of Prox Chess House.

Upon invitation, the organisation usually visits schools in the evening and teaches kids how to play chess.

“For an hour and a half we do demonstrations of how to play then help kids set up the club in their school,” explained Titus.

Working with a team of three to five people, Prox Chess House to train an average of 150 children per demonstration.The team comes with their own material such as a board, chess pieces and a clock.

“After our demonstrations if a school is interested in setting up a club, we sell the chess boards to them complete with all the pieces at a subsidized rate of Sh800 per board,” said Titus.

Among the schools Prox Chess House has been too, the clubs formed there have prospered.

“We have been to Kenya High, Strathmore and Mang'u which all have very active chess clubs,” notes Titus.

He goes on to add that Mang'u even recently fielded a candidate to represent Kenya at the International Youth Chess Championships in Dubai.

The organisation is not only targetting secondary schools but also primary schools.

“As long as an institution is interested, they can just call us,” says the founder of Prox Chess House who is also a marketer there.

Titus who himself also learned the game while in school advises that school-going kids should learn how to play chess as it does wonders for their education.

“Chess is like exercise for the brain and helps improve a child's analytical and logical thinking,” he remarks.

“This develops one capacity tand can help them do better in subjects like Maths and English,” adds the company's marketer.

Through the organisation, Titus and his team aim to make chess more known in Kenya.

“We would like to do this by making equipment more affordable as boards can be quite expensive,” he says. In this way Prox Chess House hopes to change the notion that chessis only a preserve of the rich.

They would also like to sponsor tournaments with prizes and eventualy start their own.

For more information on the free school chess trainings, contact Prox Chess House on 0723948007,  0713016565 or visit their Facebook page-PROX CHESS HOUSE

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