Italian style ice-cream parlour offers health alternative for Kenyan families

Italian style ice-cream parlour offers health alternative for Kenyan families5 out of 50 based on 1 voters.

A selection of some of the flavours at Fior di Latte. A Nairobi ‘ice-cream’ parlour is introducing Kenyan families to the world of gelatos and sorbets-Italian dessert that have the sweetness of ice-cream but contain less fat.

Welcome to Fior Di Latte. Started 5 years ago, the brand was looking for an innovative way to make use of the cows it already owned and that is when the idea of gelatos and sorbets came up after a holiday trip to Italy.

Gelato refers to Italian ice-cream and it differs from the ice-cream we are used to in that it does not have any additional fat or preservatives making it in fact the healthier option in comparison to your regular ice-cream.

According to SF Gate, 3.5oz-which translates to around 99.2g-of gelato contains 90 calories, 3g of fat and 10g of sugar. When compared to 6oz (170g) of ice-cream, the figures are 137 calories, 7g of fat and 14g of sugar. This is according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In an article on the same for Forbes, Bruce Y. Lee reports that due to gelato being denser, a greater serving of ice-cream would be required so as to make an actual comparison.Lamu Tamu, one of the newest flavours.

It is due to the lower fat content that gelato is deemed to have a stronger taste. Fior di Latte has one explanation for this. It is because the fat does not coat one’s taste buds unlike with ice-cream.

For those who are lactose intolerant, Fior di Latte recommends their sorbets. They are similar to gelato but do not have milk.

Sitting at a corner at the back entrance of the Lavington Mall, this premier gelato spot keeps things interesting with a new flavour every month. The shop is currently riding high on their newest flavour, Lamu Tamu. A mixture of cashew nuts and coconut, this flavour oozes the tasty creaminess one is used to in a plain vanilla ice-cream but the distinct, strong flavour is still present, a clear indication that this is not just your regular ice-cream.

Fior di Latte also carries other ‘Kenyan’ flavours such as macadamia nut which has proved to be popular too. The brand has also stuck to the more traditional flavours of chocolate in ‘chocolate chill’ and rum and raisin among many others.

Sorbets are also included in this monthly treat of new flavours. The latest one is tangerine which is quite tasty but a definite must try is ‘Nyaruita’s Tree Tomato’. Just like the name suggests, it is made of tree tomato, a very unlikely flavour but proved to turn out splendidly well.

20160719 123913For the parents, there is the ‘Naughty & Nice’ range which contain alcohol. Here you will find ‘mojito’, ‘pina colada’ among others.

Upon order, Fior Di Latte also makes gelato cakes. It is basically layers of gelato stacked one on top of another, which makes for an innovative cake. Sometimes, a biscuit will be put at the bottom upon request.

Apart from Lavington Mall, Fior Di Latte’s treats can be found at various festivals such as Koroga and FAFA. They are also at The Hub every Sunday for the farmer’s market.

To keep up with the latest happenings at Fior Di Latte, they suggest on signing up for the Tasting Club which gives every member information about the newest flavours every month among other benefits.

For more information, call 0710 288 004, 020 2400058 or visit their website.

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