Kenya National Library invites kids to join its club

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phoca thumb_l_childrens libraryThe Kenya National Library (KNLS) is giving children a chance to join its kids’ club in a bid to improve their reading habits and contribute in the empowerment of community.

“It is a way of inculcate a culture of reading in children at an early age and KNLS provides an ideal environment for children to learn, interact, play and share information with each other. The library also has a variety of engaging activities for both parents and children that can enhance good relationship and shape the character of a child as they develop,” says KNLS.

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Indeed, studies show that reading helps in the development of children’s cognitive skills and nurturing social skills.
According to a study conducted by the University of Melbourne on the importance of reading to young children it found that children that are read to more frequently at age 4-5 achieve higher scores in school examinations.

“Research has found that reading storybooks to children is one of the most important activities for developing the knowledge required for eventual success in reading. Reading to pre-schoolers has been found to be related to language growth, emergent literacy and reading achievement.”

For KNLS it has kids’ section that contains a collection of local and international books. Every third Saturday of the month, it hosts a kids’ club event in which it invites a story teller to read to the children, there are also play puzzles allowing them to learn in a fun environment. Parents accompany their children to the library where they spend time reading and engaging in fun activities. The library has trained facilitators who guide the children through the sessions.

Indoor games are also available including junior scrabble, building blocks, and computer games among others. What’s more the library has reading and writing competitions and educative video shows.

Furthermore, once a child is a member of the club, they are allowed to borrow two books at a time for five shillings.

It is opened Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 6.30pm, Saturday from 8.30am to 5.00pm however it is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

The KNLS Nairobi branch is located in Buru buru estate, however it has others all over the country including Nakuru, Mandera and Narok.

For more information contact: 254- 020-2158352, 7786710.

August holiday camps for Kenya kids

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imagesAs the holidays kick in, Kenyan parents seeking to keep their children busy during this period can do so by enrolling them in different
edutainment classes.

Nairobi Art Centre
As usual the centre has different classes and activities lined up and for August it has three; environmental, star wars art Camp and a graffiti course. Children will learn how to draw and paint using different art techniques and will also improve their creativity. From this they will learn how to apply colour schemes and the importance of shapes and sizes in drawing.
In the graffiti course, kids will learn how the history of the art form, how to pass a message across by using it and how to us it in the right way.
Other activities at the Nairobi art centre include; 3D painting, 3D making from recycled materials, clay sculpture, collage and canvas painting
The classes are for children three to 11 years and teenagers age 12 to 16 years old. They take place from 9am to 3.30pm (full day) and 9am to 12.30 pm (half day). Charges are Sh2200 half day and Sh3500 full, however they have discounts.
Materials and snacks will be provided but the administration encourages parents to pack lunch for their children.
To get more information call them on: 0727415678

Music Master Classes 
Event haven, an activity planning company is offering children music classes and a chance to learn from one of Kenya’s jazz maestros, Juma Tutu.
Kenyan kids will get to learn music theory ( the basic of rules of harmony, ear training and notes), how to play the saxophone, trumpet, guitar, keyboard and recorder among other instruments.
It is located in Ngong Road, Karen round about opposite Shell petrol station.
To get in touch with them call: 0728673342.

Summer Sports Camp
The Montessori Learning Centre will this August host a sports focused camp giving a chance to Kenyan kids to relax their minds with some playing and away from books.
It is also a chance for children to socialize and experience the outdoors with others.
Activities will include; skating, horse riding, golfing, swimming, football, cycling, swimming badminton, hover board riding, gymnastics and dancing among others.
Charges are: Sh1400 daily or Sh5500 weekly- half day from eight am to 12.30pm or Sh2800 daily or Sh10500 weekly although discounts are available.
To get in touch with them call: 0729 201544.

Holiday Science Camp
The Discovery Centre will host a fun in science, technology, engineering and mathematics camp.
It will involve teaching children about the science of food encouraging them to discover what happen when some substances are mixed. They will also engage in practicals that test gravity by making objects that float and magnet applications.
Sessions are from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm. Charges are Sh3600 per week It is open for children age 6-18 years
To get in touch with them call: 0720 572303/ 0724 255347

Science made fun and coding easy for Kenyan kids' at the Discovery Centre, Nairobi

Science made fun and coding easy for Kenyan kids' at the Discovery Centre, Nairobi0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

18194867 1305643619543781_7224322022040300107_nKenyan parents seeking to give their children a chance to develop more skills can do so by enrolling them at Discovery Center, a club that teaches children how to create mobile games and application, through coding.

“We are a children’s club that teaches children science but in a fun way using blocks, that way they are able to interact with the subject and even remember easily compared to reading from a textbook,” said Lexy Andati, the coding instructor at the club.

The club makes it easier for children to understand science by making it interactive. They accomplish this by also organizing Science presentations and shows, hands-on Science investigations, Science Competitions, Science Exhibitions, field trips and organizing Science driven events such as science days, weeks and fairs.

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“With coding, we teach children how to create their own games and application using a language called called scratch, a universal coding language specifically developed for teaching children at the technology University Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). They learn web and 3D design, coding of smartphone applications, games, electronics, robotics and child online protection.”

Scratch is a visual language that is internationally used to teach kids how to write computer programs, application, animations and games. It acts as a guide that leads students to the more advanced world of computer programming.

“Its main advantage is that allows children to creatively explore with technology and they are able to understand the otherwise hard subject made easy for them to understand developing such coding skills at a young age. It is also a language that encourages children to work together and collaborate on a task,” said Andati.

Computer programming has been described as one of the most important school subjects for the future and educationalist globally have been asking for it to be included in primary and secondary school curricula. Countries such as Estonia and the UK have already implemented it in their school system.
At the Discovery Centre, the advancement of children to another level depends on how fast they develop the skills. I they are quick learners, no matter, the age, they are allowed to progress to the next level. Each level has ten lessons.

The club is located on Mombasa Road, Nairobi. Its classes take place on weekdays from 8am to 4pm and weekends from 9am to 12.30pm. It is ideal for children age six to 18years old.
“At age six, a child is able to communicate effectively and they are already curious of their surroundings, so it is a good age for children to learn new skills that will prove useful into their adulthood,” said Andati.

Charges for the classes are: science is Sh3600 per topic and coding is Sh900 per session. A sibling discount is available. To get in touch with them call: 072572303.

Kenyan children's club offers occupational therapy

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11987073 437833173085354_4319450632522882669_nKenyan parents seeking to develop their children’s skills and give them a chance to express themselves can enroll them in a club called Smartie Me that specializes in occupational therapy.

“Occupational therapy is a way in which we let a child express themselves through art unbounded. We let draw what it is on their mind or whatever they would like but guide them on drawing instructions only,” said Rehema Njoroge, an art teacher and the founder of the club.

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“This allows them to communicate freely and express how they feel with fear that they will be reprimanded. Also by exposing children to a broad spectrum of experiences, it may activate latent talents and it allows them to make mistakes. If they have to do things perfectly, they will never take the risks necessary to discover and develop a gift or talent.”

According to the My Child Without Limits organization, a child development website, the main benefit of occupational therapy is the mastery of skills that help children develop, recover, or maintain daily living skills. It helps them be self-sufficient and productive.

“The desired outcome of the occupational therapy is to help children learn to be as independent as possible. This can range from improving physical abilities so the child can participate in self-care to helping the child be prepared to perform school-related activities,” read an article its website.

Rehema was inspired to start the club due to having a firsthand experience with the benefits that art can have on an individual. As an art student and later as a teacher she noted that it is not offered in the school curriculum thus children do not get to enjoy its benefits.

“With unbounded art such as this, children get to socialize with others, those that are shy are able to converse freely in school and they even interact with their parents more,” said Rehema.

Besides occupational therapy and activities, Smartie Me also offers other activities such as games, baking and decorating.

The club’s age range is three to 14 years old. The classes are one hour long and charges depend on the activities that the parents want their child to partake.

To get in touch with them call: 0711111114 or 0724220484.

Father's day activities this weekend

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5d8837cb8a12061195a2e5cf619ec2d7Every third Sunday of June, the country celebrates father’s day and this year it will be on the 18th. It may not be a public holiday but it is a day that is dedicated to commemorating that the roles that fathers play in our lives.

It is also a chance to bond with family and reminisce about childhood days.

Below are some activities that will be taking place on the day that would be ideal or a family day out.

My Village Dad at the Village Market

As is with every holiday and non-holiday but special day, the mall has something planned for the day. It will have some activities or the family. There will be a spin wheel that will allow participants to win gits from the retail store’s shops such as Toy World and LEGO. There will also be a children and fathers’ creative workshop where they can paint on canvas , a photo booth for fun family pictures and kinetic video games.
The mall is located on Limuru Road and entry is free. It will be on June 17th (Saturday) and 18th (Sunday) from 11am to 6pm.
For more information call them on 0207122458

Father's Day Fun at Little Steps Childcare Solutions

The Day care centre will on Saturday host an even to celebrate fathers that will include children's activities.

It will be a chance for children to socialise with others and play which will be supervised by caregivers.

An interactive session will also be held where they will share tips on how to care for cldren age three months to our years.

Plus fathers can also get a mug inscribed with a photo of them with their children once they pay entry charges for the event via M-Pesa (Sh700), business number: 827 530 and account number: name of your child/ children.

For more information call them on: 0700021768

Tinc Fathers Day at ABC Place

The shopping mall located in Westlands will on June 17th hold a creative fun day for fathers and their families. The children will have the chance to paint pictures, create photo frames and hangings for their fathers.

Children from the age of 4-5 years are allowed to participate and the winner gets a Sh2500 TINC voucher.
Entry charges include a purchased Tinc item worth Sh1000 and you get art and craft items for free.
It will take place from 10am to 3pm.

For more information call: 020 4440362

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