Cycling tour company to host a kids’ bicycle learning camp

Cycling tour company to host a kids’ bicycle learning camp 1 out of 50 based on 1 voters.

ea3a9df4e2410efeca06b7f43564e04b--black-fathers-beautiful-momentsKenyan cycling tour Company, Baiskeli adventures will from November 25th to December 10th hold a kids’ bicycle learning camp in a bid to teach children the basic principles and benefits involved in riding a bicycle.

According to the UK Child Development Institute, children need to learn how to ride a bicycle because it helps develop their muscles and bones while at the same time improving their cardiovascular development.

“Cycling develops their leg muscles and strengthens their bones and the continued exercise will help build their stamina and improve their cardiovascular development. It will also increase their coordination and balance plus the sense of achievement and increased confidence they’ll have the first time they cycle away without their training wheels is hard to find elsewhere,” reported the Child Development Institute.

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Learning about safety bicycling riding tips is important for any individual who owns and rides a bicycle in Kenya. A lack of bicycle lanes on the Kenyan roads and not wearing safety gear such helmets has led to the death of over 16000 pedestrians and cyclists between 2005 and 2014 according to the National Transport and Safety Authority.For Baiskeli Adventures, in its camp it will not only teach children how to cycle but also the basic cycling techniques, bicycle mechanics techniques, they will learn about fun facts about cycling, take part in cycling games and learn safety bicycle riding tips.

“Riding a bike can be dangerous, there is the risk of falling off or crashing into something for a start, but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk and minimize any injuries. Making sure the bike is the right size for your child, is mechanically sound and has proper safety equipment like lights, bells and reflectors is important. You also need to get the right safety equipment to protect heads, knees and elbows, checking regularly that it still fits and is in good repair,” reported the Child Development Institute.

The Baiskeli Adventures camp will take place in phases one from November 25th to December 3rd for children age four to 11 years and the other on December 4th to December 10th for children age 12 to 17 years old.

Charges are Sh800 per day. For more information call: 0799396513 or 0717681649.

Where to get playground equipment in Nairobi

Where to get playground equipment in Nairobi0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

473313240With the holiday season here, many parents struggle to keep their children engaged making them idle and unruly. However getting some playground equipment is a good idea and will make playtime for kids enjoyable and more engaging. Here are few places you can get playground equipment in Kenya.

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This is a well-established business that offers a variety of playground equipment in both large and small scale.
It insists on physical exercise for kids and lists advantages of this as:
• Reduction of obesity
• Building of stamina
• Developing muscles
• Exposure to fresh air
• Enhancing of reflex actions
• Better coordination of body parts
• Better sleep
• Active lifestyle
Polyplay whose motto is ‘Great fun for everyone’ is located along the Old Mombasa Road, Mlolongo, at Royal Mabati Godown. You can reach them through 0733 551 100 or 0718 551 100

METCO Limited
This company offers simplified playground equipment like seesaws, swings, standalone slide, rocking boat, rotating seesaw among others.
If you want customized playground equipment the team of designers will take care of that, with color, shape, and design appealing to your desired one. METCO is located at Lusaka Close off Lusaka Road, Industrial area.
They can be reached on phone through +254 735 551 285 or +254 722 360 444 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Play Industries
Play industries has a wide range of playground equipment specially designed for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and children with special needs.
Looking for single tower playground with wavy slides and swings, spiral slide with ladder, single open tower with double wavy slides, monkey climber with spider web, pull cart, merry-go-rounds, then play industries is the place to go.
Play industries designs, fabricate and manufactures all sorts of outdoor playground equipment and toys to suit your required design, usage requirements, space, and budget. Reach them on Shikunga Road, Off Dunga Road. Or call +254 (0) 722 516 113, +254-722-466890

Griffiths Playgrounds
Griffiths playgrounds is the largest provider of playground developments in East Africa.
The eight years old company prides itself on their playground equipment that is flexible, safe and offer maximum play value.
The company also designs, manufactures and installs the equipment.
They can be reached on +254721394811

Financial management boot camp for teenagers

Financial management boot camp for teenagers0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

CaptureKids have the opportunity to enroll in Centonomy Teen Bootcamp, a financial management camp that equips teenagers with a baseline to financial security, wealth creation and realization of their dreams.

The camp to be held on 15-18 November and 13- 16 December in Victoria Plaza, Westlands and Karen County Club respectively will have teenagers aged 13-17 real conversations on the topic of money, how to create a saving culture as well as how to be successful.

"We have grown up hearing money does not grow on trees, but nothing about how to make money. The centonomy teen boot camp aims at teaching kids where the money actually comes from and how they can invest for a financially stable future at a youth age," said Joan Nduti, General Manager, Marketing at Centonomy.

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The boot camp is a four-day training that will take the kids through practical sessions on six courses including success, risk, return and reward, Introduction to saving and investment, money myths, achieving your dreams, parents and guardians session.

"We will have six sessions covering topics that are designed to enable teenagers to use their skills to be successful, a head start on wealth creation, understanding money and a financial management course for their parents and guardians on the final day," said Nduti.

The camp will run from 9-1 p.m. for the three days with a parents and teens forum on the fourth day and later the graduation.

"We decided to set the time at 9 p.m since many parents prefer dropping their kids at the boot camp on their way to work. The graduation will be a compulsory event that will see participants get certificates for the course," said Nduti.

The boot camp will enable the kids to;

• Gain a long-term perspective on life and thus shape today to impact their tomorrow

• Learn how to handle money and mold healthy money attitudes

• Gain a deeper understanding of themselves

• Learn how to dream big, plan and take action to realize these dreams

• Learn how to make and grow their money

• Know where and how to start on their financial journey

As well as;

• Encourage and build good financial habits and attitudes in their children

The registration costs Sh1,000 with a tuition fee of Sh14,000.To register call 0700 036 433 or visit to register online.

Family indoor activities for the rainy season

Family indoor activities for the rainy season1 out of 50 based on 1 voters.

The rainy season is here and with the kids on holiday get fun activities that can be done indoors. Below are a few indoor activities for the whole family.

Cooking/Baking- Baking with your family is a fun activity that will be inclusive and will help you bond with your kids. Parents can suggest that kids come up with creative ideas to incorporate into the recipes they prepare. Kitchen activities will obviously help you keep arm.

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Fashion show- With kids creativity this is an awesome idea that will engage kids’ fun side as well as entertain the family. Make it fun by awarding best dressed or best dresser and making them choose from the parents’ closet for the outfits.
Play games- Playing games is fun and also engages your body keeping yourselves warm. Games like "Simon Says" and "Follow the Leader" are great proactive games that promote groups participation and individual participation. You can incorporate games that make you play in teams to add spice and a little competition

Tell stories- Kids love stories. Take turns in telling stories with the whole family. Learn a few storytelling techniques for kids to make them concentrate and enjoy. Make it educational by asking questions after.
Music- Children love dancing and singing. Put on your favorite music and practice some dance routines. You can also learn to play an instrument.
Watch movies- Movies are a good way to unwind indoors and you have some family time. Animations and cartoons are good for younger kids. You can ask the kids to select from your collection of classic movies the activity inclusive. Add spice to watching one none of you has watched before.

Write Letters- With almost everyone not writing letters, this will be a fun activity to express yourselves to each other and relatives. Everyone will decide who they any to write to. Do it and mail to them.

Kenya National Library invites kids to join its club

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phoca thumb_l_childrens libraryThe Kenya National Library (KNLS) is giving children a chance to join its kids’ club in a bid to improve their reading habits and contribute in the empowerment of community.

“It is a way of inculcate a culture of reading in children at an early age and KNLS provides an ideal environment for children to learn, interact, play and share information with each other. The library also has a variety of engaging activities for both parents and children that can enhance good relationship and shape the character of a child as they develop,” says KNLS.

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Indeed, studies show that reading helps in the development of children’s cognitive skills and nurturing social skills.
According to a study conducted by the University of Melbourne on the importance of reading to young children it found that children that are read to more frequently at age 4-5 achieve higher scores in school examinations.

“Research has found that reading storybooks to children is one of the most important activities for developing the knowledge required for eventual success in reading. Reading to pre-schoolers has been found to be related to language growth, emergent literacy and reading achievement.”

For KNLS it has kids’ section that contains a collection of local and international books. Every third Saturday of the month, it hosts a kids’ club event in which it invites a story teller to read to the children, there are also play puzzles allowing them to learn in a fun environment. Parents accompany their children to the library where they spend time reading and engaging in fun activities. The library has trained facilitators who guide the children through the sessions.

Indoor games are also available including junior scrabble, building blocks, and computer games among others. What’s more the library has reading and writing competitions and educative video shows.

Furthermore, once a child is a member of the club, they are allowed to borrow two books at a time for five shillings.

It is opened Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 6.30pm, Saturday from 8.30am to 5.00pm however it is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

The KNLS Nairobi branch is located in Buru buru estate, however it has others all over the country including Nakuru, Mandera and Narok.

For more information contact: 254- 020-2158352, 7786710.

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