Reusable baby diapers keep rashes away from tots

Reusable baby diapers keep rashes away from tots5 out of 50 based on 1 voters.

A new brand of diapers that are leak proof, with inbuilt cover of four layered micro fibre
has hit the market saving parents the agony of the traditional diapers that have been blamed for urine burns and rashes.

Introduced in the Kenyan market by Baby Natural Kenya Limited, the diapers are reusable, easy to wash and guarantees warmth to kids while ensuring their safety.

According to Baby Natural Kenya Limited Christine Wangare, a modern cloth diaper is not a nappy, but a custom-made baby pant which protects the child from leaking in case they soil themselves. The pant is washable; therefore it can be used and washed many times.

Wangare, a mother of two learnt about modern cloth diapers through international parenting sites while expecting her first born and was forced to import them from America for Sh1500 a piece in addition to the shipping fee. This motivated the  communication expert to bring this product closer home to quench the thirst of local parents and also introduce them to others. Currently, she manufactures these diapers in South Africa and sells them for between Sh350 and 800 a piece hence helping parents save more than Sh. 1000 they could have spent on importing.

In a bid to help her clients use those diapers effectively, Wangare has resorted social media where she interacts  with clients from different parts of the country giving them guidance on how to use Baby Natural Products. She has also well trained personnel at her stall  near Nairobi's Kenyatta Market who assist customers in choosing the correct size and give tutorials on how to use diaper clothes before selling.

One of cloth diapers in her shop is the All-In-One-Size which has soft suede inner fabric to keep baby's skin in good condition, has a convenient fasting mechanism of velcro on the front of the diaper which allows size adjustment, is reusable and has absorbent materials that is sewn into water proof diaper wrap that receives  the urine or the poop. Wanagre sells this type of diaper for sh 750.

The All-in-Two diapers are similar to the all-in-ones, the only difference being that with the all-in-two’s, the absorbent insert is not sewn onto the wrap but instead, there are  replaceable insert snaps onto the diaper cover which requires a parent to change when the cloth diaper gets wet instead of washing the entire cloth diaper. It retails for only Sh. 800 a piece and it comes with two diaper inserts. More inserts can be obtained at the shop for sh 200 a piece.  

Baby Natural has also  created a specially designed cloth diaper for newborn babies with a soft suede cloth and  a waterproof outer wrap that prevent leaks. They also have velcro closing to enable the diaper remain steadfast on the baby's hip. Each costs Sh. 700 and comes with two microfibre inserts.

Perhaps the most amazing product in Wangare's stall is the potty training pants that initiate a rite of passage from toddler-hood to preschooler. They are designed with a nylon layer inserted into the layers of cotton fabric to protect a kid from urine wetness. With this design, the child feels the wetness against his/her skin but it does not leak to the skin. With this training pant, a kid can feel the soft fabric on the inside as well as on the outside of the pant. This pant can be pulled up and down hence good to help a kid to potty train. It cost only sh 350.

These diapers can be bought on line by visiting where a client can place an order by clicking on a shopping cart icon. He/She can pay either through mobile phone money transfer or use the credit card. Customers can also pay using International electronic money transfer systems like Paypal. The company facilities delivery of orders to the client's doorstep. Wangare plans to open more branches in the country to meet the current huge demand.

For more information about Baby Natural Products, kindly visit or call Christine Wangare on 0722603687

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