Indoor Rock Climbing for families in Nairobi

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Rubbery objects jutting out of the slanted 3m wall are offering Kenyan families indoor rock climbing experience in Nairobi, the first of its kind in East Africa which caters to everyone including children as young as three years.

Situated on the 6th floor at Diamond Plaza in Westlands, the rock climbing experience is offered by Climb Blue Sky with the slogan “Adventure’s calling.”

Rock Climbing being a relational activity makes it a great sport for the family. It is usually practised in pairs whereby one person is the climber and another is the belayer. The work of the belayer is to manouvre the harnessed rope and ensure safety as the climber.  Manager Ngatho Kamande goes on to say that if the pair are outdoor climbing then the belayer would also be on the look out for falling rocks.  Two climbers then go ahead to demonstrate how the climbing is done.

The ‘rocks’, which are actually rubbery objects  jutting out of the slanted 3m wall, are colour-coded so as to create different levels, some being more challenging than others. Beginners however do not have to follow these routes but with experience they should start to follow them.

“These routes also help keep regular climbers interested”, said Kamande. This is due to the fact that the coding on the ‘rocks’ can be changed using coloured masking tape.

The slanting of the climbing wall also determines how hard or easy a route is. If a wall requires one to ascend it and it is relatively easy then it is known a a positive.  A negative is harder to climb. A good example would be an archway which requires one to climb facing upside down.

Special shoes are required for indoor rock climbing which are available at the gym. They are pointed at the front, made of a special kind of rubber, and a size smaller than one’s normal shoe. All this is to ensure that the climber gets a good grip while climbing. Chalk is used on the hands for the same reason.

Catering to children as young as 3 years, Climb BlueSky offers classes and birthday parties. For a day, one can use the gym’s facilities for Sh 700 and rent the shoes for Sh 300. One can also get 5 day or 10 day passes at Sh 3,200 or Sh 6,200 respectively. Memberships range from 1 month to 1 year at Sh 3,500 to Sh 35,000.

Climb BlueSky also offers birthday parties at their gym. If one wishes to hold it during their open hours then they have to part with Sh 500 per person for a minimum of 10 people. This is exclusive of the Sh 300 for the shoes. One can also rent the premises for Sh 10,000 for 10 climbers. Sh 1,000 will be charged for each additional climber. There is a coffee bar at the premises that sells light snacks but one can bring their own catering.

“Every 4 to 6 weeks, we conduct outdoor climbing trips to Hell’s Gate”, said Executive Director, Kim Pace. Exclusive of the park’s fees, the trips go for Sh 2000 without transport or Sh 3,500 with transport.

For more information visit their website, or contact them on +254 736 236 745/+254 718 569 524

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