Busy Kenyan moms find relief in bags that store breast milk for 6months

Busy Kenyan moms find relief in bags that store breast milk for 6months0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Unique bags that store expressed breast milk for upto six months are giving Kenyan moms a sigh relief especially those that have tight work schedule.

The bags which are pre-sterilized and leak-proof ensure safe and convenient storage of the breastmilk.

Dubbed Lanisoh breast milk storage bags, the bags are medically pre-sterilized and leak proof. One bag is able to hold up to 180ml of expressed breast milk.

Expressed breast milk can be stored in the Lanisoh bags in various ways. It all depends on how one would like to keep it for.

“The basic guidelines for storing freshly expressed breast milk that is in a closed container or milk storage bag are that it stays three to four hours in room temperature, a maximum of three days when refigerated, three months in a fridge freezer or six months in a chest freezer,” said Josephine Karoki, a lactation manager at HunySuckle where the storage bags can be found.

Josephine goes on to add that when refrigerated, the milk should be placed at the back of the fridge, away from the door. She also says that it is of the utmost importance to remember that “expressed breast milk (EBM) needs to handled with care especially because the intention is to feed it to an infant so it is important to ensure the milk does not become spoiled or contaminated.”

Expressed breast milk that has been frozen beforehand, it can be refrigerated for an extra 24 hours before use. It should however not be frozen again. This is especially the case in left over milk after a baby has finished feeding. Any leftovers should be discarded. To avoid wastage though, the milk can be packed in small amounts.

“For instance, a baby of 8 weeks will most likely consume up to 150ml per feed therefore the mother should store her expressed breast milk in batches of 150ml,” remarks Josephine who is also the owner of HunySuckle.

If a mother is expressing her breast milk, Josephine advises her on getting a Lanisoh storage bag due to its numerous benefits.

“These milk storage bags are pre-sterilized, which means that they are ready for immediate use and they can also be sealed to prevent the milk from becoming contaminated or the milk from pouring out,” said Josephine.

“They also take up less space in the fridge or freezer when compared to bottles because they can be laid flat, even with milk inside,” adds the lactation manager.

The bags, which retail at Sh 2,000 per pack of 50 bags, are not washable and should therefore not be re-used. This is because the plastic used to make the bag is not strong enough to withstand subsequent washing and sterilization.

The expressed breast milk should not be heated but rather warmed slowly in hot but not scorching water so as not to destroy the anti-bodies in the milk which the baby needs. If the milk is frozen, it should be first defrosted, preferrably overnight. The bag should then be placed in a bowl of hot water until it becomes warm.

The milk can the be placed into a bottle for feeding. It should be swirled and not shaken, says Josephine, as this destroys the necessary anti-bodies. The milk should also never be defrosted or heated in a microwave.

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