Career encyclopedia simplifies jobs for Kenya kids

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An encyclopedia for Kenya kids with 122 careers is set to make it easier for kids to understand and choose careers wisely.

Dubbed Careerpedia, the two volume book features careers ranging from the normal white collar ones such as doctors to ones less followed such as that of artisans.

Set to be launched in May, Careerpedia is an initiative of the East African publishing house Storymoja and aims to help children make more informed decisions when it comes to their careers.

“We have about one million kids coming out of school and 60 percent of these are ending up unemployed. What is happening is that when kids reach the time of choosing subjects, nobody gives them a guidance on how to make the right choices and even from our research in the schools, the teachers have such limited resources to guide the students even if they have the careers department,” explains Mumbi Kariuki who is the Business Development Manager at Storymoja and heads Careerpedia.

It is because of this gap that the East African publishing house decided to come up with an encyclopedia specifically for careers.

The encyclopedia which comes in two volumes covers a total of 122 careers and it is not only white collar jobs featured.

“Other than the normal careers that our education system has tried to encourage, Careerpedia carries other alternative careers that are in all the fields from construction to agriculture,” notes Mumbi.

Careerpedia will be launched in May in Nakuru.

“Due to public demand by most schools in Rift Valley, we are taking the Storymoja Festival there and will use it a platform to launch Careerpedia,” said Mumbi.

Distribution of the encyclopedia shall be mainly through schools.

“In the first year we will be covering 1,250 schools and give each four sets of the book” remarks Mumbi. With an averageof 500 children per school, Storymoja hopes to impact about 600, 000 kids.

Storymoja hopes that Careerpedia will help students make better subject choices in relation to their careers.

“Let's say a student has realized that they are good with their hands and they have got values, interests, personalities and skills that go towards artisanship, they will know the appropriate subjects to take and work hard in particular subject because that is what they are encouraged to do yet their interest doesn't lie there,” explains Mumbi on the benefits Careerpedia will have on students.

Mumbi goes to explain that “what will happen is tha people will not end up in the wrong career” halfway through university or later in life.

The encyclopedia has been organised in such a way that it narrows down a student's values, interests and skills.

“What we have done in the Careerpedia is that we have written the technical details of these careers and included a real life professional in that field where they have talked about the challenges they have gone through, what courses to take, what progression path to follow , renumeration,” remarks Mumbi.

Careerpedia does not end with the book. At the launch Storymoja also plans to start a mentorship network.

“We will involve the professionals used in the book  and various corporatesto go to the schools and mentor the kids on different careers,” notes Mumbi.

The launch of the encyclopedia will also see the launch of Careepedia clubs.

“It be run in a very specific manner and we have a club guide that will allow students to become peer mentors,” said Mumbi.

Careerpedia is approved by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD formerly KIE) and will be available both in print and on line. There will also be downloaded for specific careers. The book will cost Sh5,000.

For more information on Careerpedia, contact Storymoja on +254-733-838-161, +254-20-2089595 or info @ storymojaafrica . co . ke

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