Karaoke group hands microphone to kids

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A new form of entertainment that involves singing along to popular song is revolutionizing Kenya kids parties. Dubbed Kiddie Karaoke, it offers children a chance to sing to their favourite track while also entertaining their friends in the process.

Karaoke is a form of entertainment whereby music recordings of popular songs are played so that people can sing the words themselves.

Entertainment service Kapital Karaoke is now giving children a chance to experience this in the comfort of their parties.

“This is basically karoke for kids whereby children get to sing along to age appropriate music,” explains Myra Maloba who is co-founder of Kapital Karaoke.

The entertainment service specializes in customizing music for clients by taking the music to them.

“Wherever you choose to have either an event or birthday party or even in church, we will customize the music to fit your evenue and event,” said Myra.

For kid's parties, Kiddie Karoke also customizes the event for the child.

“We customize our screens to suit your party theme. For example if a parent wants to have the child's picture on it, we can do that,” comments Myra.

“The lyric books can also be customized to have the children's names and the name of the event so that it's more personalized,” she adds.

Some of the music Kiddie Karaoke offers is Justin Bieber, One Direction, nursery rhymes among others. One may also make their own music list suggestions however it should be done a week prior to the event. If one is comfortable with the music being offered by Kapital Karaoke then a booking can be done two days in advance.

The services for a Kiddie Karaoke cost Sh8000 for the whole event.

For more information, contact Kapital Karaoke on 0704 299 930, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit their Facebook page-Kapital Karaoke.

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