Unique bath takes the pain out of new moms

Unique bath takes the pain out of new moms0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

sitz-bath-kenya-2A shallow bath is helping Kenyan mothers who have just given birth relieve pain experienced on the perineum.

Dubbed the sitz bath, it resembles a small, shallow, circular basin that is used by soaking in it.
“The sitz bath can be used by placing it in a bathtub or placing it on a toilet seat,” explained Esther Shwashwa who sells them together with her aunt.

It is quite simple to use and the process involves warm water and herbs.
“Just put warm water in the bath, put some salt and herbs then sit in it for about 20minutes,” remarked Esther.
“Once you've sat in it, it should reach until your hips and give off a soothing, relaxing feeling similar to that of soaking your feet in warm water after a long day,” she added.
Before and after using the bath however, Esther recommends that one should clean it.

A variety of herbs can be used to help relax and soothe.
“Those recovering from haemorrhoids can use witch hazel because it is an anti-inflammatory,” said Esther.
She goes on to add that another great herb is chamomile due to its relaxing scent which helps soothe anxiety and inflammation. It is also a natural antibiotic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
“Plantain leaves also help as they are anti-inflammatory.”

The herbs are put in the sitz bath first then hot water poured over them after which they should be allowed to cool for a while until the water is at a desired temperature. sitz-bath-kenya

According to Esther, salt can also be used as it is a natural detox and all its minerals will help one heal quickly. She advises one to use about two tablespoons.

The bath is recommended for women who have just given birth.
“Sometimes when mothers have given birth they tear and also when you go to the toilet is quite hard to wipe yourself so it helps to ease the pain,” Esther further noted. She also recommends it for women who have just had the surgical removal of haemorrhoids, surgery involving the vagina, vulva, yeast infections or just for general personal hygiene.

Esther started selling only recently due to complaints from her friends who had just given birth.
“Most of my friends used to complain how it's so uncomfortable and they can't go to the toilet well because it's so painful to try and wipe themselves,” said Esther.
She then decided to bring in the baths which would not only relieve the pain but ensure their comfort.

One can start using the sitz immediately after they give birth. It can be used as often as one pleases although two to three times a day should be enough. The duration of its use is also at the discretion of the person using it.

Esther has received positive response from her clients so far, most of whom are buying for their friends as baby shower gifts.
“It's nice because we always remember the baby but forget the mother and if the mother is comfortable she is better placed to take care of her child,” she remarked.

sitz-bath-kenya3The sitz bath is retailing at Sh4000 but Esther is selling it as a gift hamper containing the bath, baby diapers, disposable underwear and sanitary towels at Sh5000. Payment is on delivery and in cash.
The baths can be gotten along Ngong Road at Covenant Guest House which is next to Meteorological Department just after the Dagoretti stage. Another place is a shop called MM Home which is next to Nation Centre in the Central Business District (CBD)

It can also be delivered along  Ngong Road for free, along Lang'ata Road for Sh200 or in the CBD for Sh200. Other areas in Nairobi will be charged according to the distance covered. They are also working on delivering outside of Nairobi County.

For more information on the sitz bath, contact Esther Shwashwa on 0727 359 953.

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