Cookies that increase milk supply in breastfeeding mothers

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lactation-cookies-for-kenya-mumsA cookie that helps breastfeeding mothers increase their milk is now available in Kenyan shops. The cookie has ingredients such as oats, dill seeds and wheat germ, all which help lactating mothers boost their milk supply.

Dubbed ‘Lactation Cookies’ these pastries were started about an year ago by Susan Muriithi of Toto Touch. She is a certified infant masseuse and also provides lactation and breastfeeding support through her company, Toto Touch.

“We want our cookies to be as healthy and natural as possible, so we don’t put anything in them we wouldn’t want our kids to eat. That includes preservatives,” said Susan.

The key ingredients play a different role in helping nursing mothers boost their milk supply.

Oats for instance are beneficial due to their high iron levels.

“After pregnancy, a mother’s body is low in iron therefore breastmilk is not produced in good quantities,” explained Susan. “The oats therefore help to cover this deficiency,” she goes on to add.

Oats have also been known to be comfort food. The more a relaxed a woman is the easier it will be for her to produce milk.

According to Susan, nursing mothers can eat as many cookies as they want although most mothers notice an increase in breast milk even after one cookie. “It varies how long the cookies start to do their work but there are mothers who have seen a change within a day,” remarked the certified infant masseuse.

The cookies are not only for lactating mothers but can infact be taken by anyone.

“Their high nutritional value due the wholemeal grains used and lack of preservatives also make it a great snack for children,” said Susan.

Within just an year of starting the Lactation Cookies, Susan has received good feedback from her clients.

Retailing at a price of Sh 650 for 10 cookies, the Lactation Cookies can be purchased in Chandarana supermarket branches located in Karen, Yaya Centre, Lavington among many other places.

Lactation cookies can also be purchased from HunySuckle, a provider of pre & post-natal services and products for women. The shop is located on Menelik Road which is off Ngong Road.

For more information on the Lactation Cookies, contact Susan of Toto Touch on 0723 553 188/ 0734 553 188, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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