Organic soap targets kids as young as eight months

Organic soap targets kids as young as eight months0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

An organic soap that locally made with natural materials like coconut, almond and jojoba oil is protecting Kenya kids from the harsh chemicals available in most of the conventional soaps that are usually meant for adults.

Targeting kids as young as eight months, the natural soap is hand-made from scratch using organic materials.

“We source our raw materials from the UK because there is a team there that helps us and taught us how to make them,” said Esther Shwashwa who sells the soaps.

 “They are gentle on the skin and will not overly dry the skin which means that the child will have moisturized skin throughout the day,”says Esther.

The fact that the soap is made from organic raw materials is also really beneficial because it means that a child's sensitive skin will not come into contact with any harsh chemicals.

In order to make the bathing process more fun, the soaps also come with a little toy in the centre either as a duckling or a little frog.

Despite the soaps being meant for children, adults are also taking a keen interest in them.

“I came to notice that most of the people who buy are actually grown-ups who even like the toy because it brightens their mornings,” remarks Esther.

Coming in packets of three bars, the children's organic soaps go for Sh1000 or Sh400 per bar. The soaps also seem to be quite economical with a 150g bar soap lasting a family of three children a whole month.

The children's organic soaps can be delivered at an extra cost depending on the area. For instance, along Ngong Road is free whereas any deliveries made in the Central Business District (CBD) are charged at Sh200.

For more information on the kids organic soaps, contact Esther on 0727 359 953.

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