Diapers on delivery saves mums time

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Dial-A-DiaperKananu Ibui and Kagwiria Ibui, have come to the rescue of Kenyan mothers with their startup Dial-A-Diaper, which delivers diapers, baby wipes, breast pumps, milk storage bags, baby formula, nipple cream and even adult diapers.

“I have a few nephews and nieces and friends with kids, through them I got to know the problems that parents go through during pregnancy, the ‘diaper period’, and when raising a child which inspired , us to start Dial-A-Diaper,” said Kananu.

The service was at first meant to be only for adult diapers but after careful and collective thinking among herself, mother and sister (Kagwiria Ibu), they decided to offer more services thus baby diapers became their most popular service.

Kananu, who quit her job at a bank, says she sees it as a way off easing the burden off mothers. “I worked at a bank for 4 years, in the service delivery department; there I garnered a lot of experience on what it takes to run a service such as this one. Dial-A-Diaper, however, was not the reason why I quit my job, I had registered a company in April last year and three months later, it was not doing so well.

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Kananu admits that the business was started as a way to make money and pay bills but says they are really intent on helping mothers in ensuring they have any baby essentials they need without inconveniencing themselves .They charge no extra cost for the diapers and they deliver any brand that the client requires, which can take one hour to deliver depending on where one lives and of course the Nairobi traffic jam.“Two months later, my mother approached me with this idea for an adult diaper delivery service. We thought we could make it into a bigger delivery service and so that is how we came up with Dial-A-Diaper. Nine months later, we are still growing and learning each day.”

“We are hoping to continue doing this in the future for many mothers in Kenya. I would like us to get to the point where we can donate eco-friendly diapers and sanitary towels to those who cannot afford them but need them.”

On the reception of their service, Kananu says mothers love it and like the fact that they can just call, receive their diapers and go on with their business. “Most mothers prefer the standing order option, where they tell us how long it takes to run out of their current diapers so that we can get them some more and plus the deliveries are free.”

She however notes that they have since got a lot of competition. “We were the first people to offer diaper delivering service but as is the norm other people caught on and we are now facing increasing competition from bigger companies and smaller start ups with the similar objectives and intentions.

“But we still get new customer every now and then because we deliver quality products with great service and reasonable prices.”

To get in touch with Dial-A-Diaper contact them on 0701 219830 or their Facebook page Dial-A-Diaper. They operate from 7am to 4pm.

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