Nannies receive specialized child development training

Nannies receive specialized child development training0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

11212602 1509028346005670_7668443688131349281_oThe organization, Strong Start, is giving a chance to Kenyan families to give their children’s caregivers, additional professional training for the betterment of the home.

“My two year old daughter inspired me to start this organization,” says TejPreet, the founder of the organization, “I trained my nanny on how to engage with her and I saw her blossom in her development. Most working parents do not have the privilege of training their nannies and that is where Strong Start comes in.”

The organization offers nannies training on early childhood development and household management. It equips households with tools that support the child’s development and also aids in easing communications between parents and nannies. “Parents, especially those who work long hours, always want to know what their children have been up to the whole day and a the nanny is whom they will ask. Good communication between the parent and nanny is very vital.”

The nannies usually attend the classes with children under their care and they get to take part in different activities that supports the child’s development. “We offer hands-on training so that nannies understand not only what to do with a child all day, but also why they’re doing these activities,” Tej said.

The 12-week training, involves different levels for different age groups; Level 1 is from birth to 12 months whichsets the foundation for care giving and household management. This enables caregivers to understand the basics with an emphasis on schedules, routines, reporting, sensory play and child development.

Level 2 is for 12 - 24 months, it focuses on child development through sensory play. Key components include, cognitive development, gross and fine motor skills, language and communication.

Level 3 is for 24 – 36 months offering a more advanced experience in child development and child management.

They recently launched a 5-week Strong Start Foundations training which offers basic, entry level training for nannies of children of all ages and focuses on professionalism, hygiene, first aid, and sensory development through play.

The training caters for caregivers of children from birth until 3- years. “We work directly with employers, which enables us to understand what they want from the training.”

For nannies taking care of multiple children or children with special needs, Tej said that they have two qualified child development educators to train them.

The charges for the 12-weeks trainings are Sh45000, but one can pay monthly at Sh15000. The 5-week Foundations training is Sh8000. They are located in Kilimani, one can reach Tej at 0717911583.

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