Educating Kenyans to a healthy lifestyle

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healthy-foodNutrichoice Solutions, a nutrution company, is determined to change the mindsets of Kenyans in terms of their eating lifestyles at a time when 23 per cent and 7 per cent of women and men respectively, aged 15 years and above are either overweight or obese, this is according to 2014 statistics by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Kenyans eating lifestyle has been said to be the cause of the rise of obesity cases in the country. “If we keep up with our affluent diets (fast foods), obesity in the country is going to be worse than cancer,” said Angella Wali, one of the lead nutritionists at Nutrichoice Solutions. “In Kenya, we have abandoned our traditional African diet, which is healthier, in favour of fast foods and we need to change that mindset in order to tackle the health problem.”

According to WHO, obesity is the fifth leading risk of global deaths, with at least 2.8 million adults dying each year due to it. 44 per cent, 23 per cent and up to 41 per cent of diabetes, heart disease and cancer burdens respectively are caused obesity.

“What many Kenyans lack is information and that is where we as Nutrichoice Solutions come in,” she said. “Through conferences and expositions around the country, we want to educate people on how they can eat themselves into a healthier lifestyle. The aim of this is to open up the minds, of not only the people but also other nutritionists to change their perspectives on nutrition so that we can all benefit.”

The program which was started this year by a group of Kenyan nutritionists was inspired by a desire to see a healthier country. “Health is the core of a person, if you do not take care of yourself it leads to early death, we want to prevent that and help those who need it.”

The themes of their conferences and expositions depend on what the emerging health issues are at the moment. Last month, October, they held a conference whose theme was “Transforming the Nutrition Landscape”, which focused on empowering nutritionists on their individual responsibility and power in making the population a healthier one. It also focused on opening their minds to the myriad of opportunities to contribute towards a population with a good nutrition status.

“The feedback has been amazing so far,” Angella said. “Many nutritionists say that the conference has changed how they think and has helped to open their minds as well.”

For children and adolescents, Angela urges their parents to implement a healthy lifestyle right from when they are young so as to instill the discipline of eating healthy as they grow up.

“Children need to know what the health benefits of certain foods that they may dislike such as kale or carrots to their bodies, if they are to be encouraged to eat them,” she said. “Parents should avoid spoiling their children with fatty and sweet foods because everything starts from childhood, once they are used it, it will be difficult to stop.”

For more information on Nutrichoice Solutions and to get updates on their events, you can visit their website: or call 0727336311(Angella) or 0726879354(Millan).

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