Training and development programs for children

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Peak Performance International is giving a chance to Kenyan children of all ages (from age 5 and above) to improve on their behaviour, skills and emotion through their training and development programs.

“The programs are meant to help children build their memory, improve their academic work, technical abilities, help them grow holistically and build their relationships with their parents and friends,” said Mary Njenga, who is part of the marketing team at Peak Performance International

“We offer the trainings during the holidays and pre holidays so that it does not interfere with their studies, our aim is to transform and help in the children’s development.”

Peak Performance International, founded by James Gitau 15 years ago, has trained over 4000 people. “We get a lot of great feedback from our clients,” she said. “They tell us how the program helped improve their children’s academic performance and even their social life.”

The training takes two days with follow up classes for four weeks, it usually takes place in their offices but they are flexible about the location and the client can choose a location they prefer.

“When they call us, they tell us what service they would like us to offer them and where they would like the training to take place; in each class, there is different content. After the classes are done, we monitor their progress monthly.”

But the program is not just for children, adults and employees of companies can also benefit from it. In fact an article published in the Asian Mirror titled Opportunities and Benefits of Employee Training and Development states that training and development ultimately upgrades not only the productivity of employees but also of the organization.

The fee of the program depends on which program the client wants for example the “Genius Activator” program for children between the ages of 5-12 costs Sh58970 while the one for form three students costs Sh28970.

To get more information on them, check out their website: or call them on 0724253222.

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