Teaching children to express themselves

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Little brands, a children’s program, is giving a chance to Kenyan children to express themselves without fear through their experiential spiritual program.

“It is an empowerment program that helps children build their identity in God,” said Chemba Kiplagat, the founder of the adult program, Believe, “it is not a religious program rather one that helps children understand themselves spiritually.”

Chemba and the founder of Little Brands, Christabela Oyier, were inspired to start the programs following their experiences as they grew older. “As we get older, simple things like a ball being thrown in the office are a bother instead of being a playful thing,” says Chemba. “This program is a way of showing people that it is okay to let out the inner child in you once in a while and relax.”

From the adult program, Believe, which is an adult self discovery program that guides parents and young adults,Christabel realized that in order to make expressing oneself a habit they needed to start from children leading to the start of Little Brands this year.

“Little Brands involves different steps; the general learning- where children get to explore what they like. The other is sports-where children get to expand their personalities and resilience, another is nature- where children get to do things on their own and the last one is music-where they use different instruments to express themselves musically.”

The first stage of the program is identifying what a child is going through so as to know how to approach the program with them but it remains the same for children aged 7 to 18.

The program has been a success as they have seen many children come out of their shell and be vocal. “It has taught children that it is okay for them to speak out and express themselves without fear. The program lasts two weeks to three months.”

Little Brands carry out their program in different schools around the country; for public schools they charge Sh50 to Sh100 per head, for private schools Sh500 and for children’s homes they do it for free. They also organize outdoor activities especially during the holidays for the children.

For more information, you can Christabel on 0723430828 .

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