Christmas holiday camp for kids

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Hobby world, a crafts material company, is giving a chance to Kenyan children to try out their hand in arts and crafts which has been found to encourage key visual-processing skills, such as pattern recognition, detecting of sequences and also in academic work like math and reading.

A research conducted by American psychologist, Richard Rende, Ph.D, found that hands-on arts and crafts accelerate the development of muscles in the hands and fingers, improving fine motor skills essential for school success in the earliest formal years.

Hobby world, which deals with edutainment (use of entertainment to educate children), will be hosting a Christmas holiday camp at the Kiota School, in which children will be taught how to make different Christmas crafts such as ornaments made from materials such as manila paper . “All the crafts that they will make, they will take home,” says Agnes Muthee, the founder of the company, “the camp gives children the opportunity to engage in different activities that are beneficial and help in the building of their knowledge. It also keeps parents from worrying about what their children are up to.”

Agnes was inspired to start the company because she wanted to start a holiday camp that was different from the rest and one where children would not shy away from showing off their hobbies. “There are many different holiday camps around the country but at the time, there was none like ours, we saw a gap that we could fill.

“It is a fun and engaging activity which lets children create from their imagination thus they are proud of their work.”

Another activity that the children get engage to in is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). “We visit different children’s homes taking for them gifts,” said Agnes, “it is a way of teaching children the essence of charity.”

The holiday camps have so far been a success, “When we started, only our relatives and friends’ children attended but now a lot of people want to take part in it,” she said. “And the feedback from the parents has also been great and most of them are happy to have found an alternative activity for their children to do over the holidays.”

Hobby world, however, does not just organize holiday camps they also they also sell different craft materials such as toy animals, crafting paper, themed jigsaw puzzles and dress up costumes. “Making and selling craft materials, is the core of our business, we sell to schools, dental clinics, churches, parents and other organizations that deal directly with children,” said Agnes.
The holiday camps are for children aged 6 to 12, it runs from 8am to 1pm and it will be a Christmas theme. It will take place on 23rd November to 4th December at a cost of Sh1000 daily.

For more information you can contact them on: 0717 146693 or their Facebook page Hobby World.

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