Mum opens lego play centre in Lavington

Mum opens lego play centre in Lavington0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Children enjoying the legos. Phot: Lego Play NairobiA newly opened lego-filled play centre is seeking to inspire children's creativity through play seeing which according to a study by E.P. Fisher on The impact of play on development: A meta-analysis, “enhances the progress of early development from 33% to 67% by increasing adjustment, improving language and reducing social and emotional problem”.

Lego Play Nairobi which was started to three months ago would like to enhance creative play in the country.
“The idea is for a child to use their imagination and build anything,” said Bilha Adundo, founder of Lego Play Nairobi.

Following a visit to South Africa, the idea for the play centre came out the desire for her  five year old child to have enough lego to play with.
“I remember when we had gone to South Africa, there was a huge lego centre that my son could not get enough. If he could he would have stayed there the whole day,” said Bilha.One of the sets to be found at Lego Play Nairobi. Photo: Lego Play Nairobi

On coming back to Kenya, Bilha was surprised to find none like the one in South Africa so she decided to start her own.
“Luckily, I know Patrick who founded Kids Gymnastics so since he had space, we agreed that it could also house Lego Play Nairobi,” said Bilha.

Lego Play Nairobi has a variety of legos targeting children as young as one and a half years.
“For the younger ones we have lego duplo and then we have regular lego. We also have a couple of sets such as

Open weekly, Monday to Saturday, Bilha advises parents to bring their children to the centre terming it a 'lego library'.
“Parents can buy their children their own lego but coming to the play centre is better because there are more legos and it also provides a social interaction space for them,” she said.

Children build a house at Lego Play Nairobi. Photo: Lego Play NairobiThe centre does not turn away adults who might also want to join in on the fun.
“With the younger children, you will see that their parents or care-takers stick around and the adults also start playing with the lego which they enjoy,” said Bilha.

Lego Play Nairobi is open every weekday from 9am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 2 pm. Hourly sessions cost Sh700 or one can pay the camp price of Sh2000 to participate in all the activities from 9am to 1pm. Other activities that children can participate in are art, taekwondo, gymnastics.

For more information, call 0723 390 722 or visit Lego Play Nairobi's Facebook page. The play centre is located in  Kids Gymnastics compound in Lavington plot number 33 on Mugumo Road.

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