Party time piñatas revamp Kenya kids' birthdays

Party time piñatas revamp Kenya kids' birthdays5 out of 50 based on 1 voters.

A classic donkey pinata. Photo: Annerose NjorogeKenya kids have a chance to revitalise their birthday parties by adding piñatas. The papier-mâché figures not only serves for a great party game but also comes with surprises.
“Piñatas are basically papier-mâché sculptures that come in various designs which are then decorated and filled with sweets,” said Annerose Njoroge who makes them.
When playing with a  piñata, participants take turns blindfolded to try and hit the sculpture which is usually suspended in the air. If the  piñata is hit hard enough then it breaks to reveal various surprise gifts which are often sweets.
Annerose who makes the piñatas from scratch admits that they are the life of any party.
“People respond really well to them because they are easy to play, fun and everyone walks away with a gift or toy,” she said.
The process of making a  piñata usually takes four days depending on the weather and design.
“During the hot weather I can do it even in two days and in the cold weather it takes longer, around four days. If I get a really huge one, it can take even up to a week,” said Annerose. She however advises clients to notify her one week in advance if they would like a  piñata.
Annerose, the self-taught  piñata maker, tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible when making  these party items.
“I only use paper when I am doing the sculpture itself and also decorating it,” she said.
The filling for the  piñata does not have to be sweets but can also includeA modern day pinata of cartoon character Ben 10. Photo: Annerose Njoroge small gift items such as tiny plastic balls or masks. Annerose however advises against putting in chocolate because it tends to melt or any gift made of glass.
The  piñatas are great for children even as young as two years although these ones may need theirs modified a bit.
“If I am making for a younger audience, I usually use a string that one can pull so that the sweets can be released because they may not have the strength to crack it open,” said Annerose.
The party sculptures are not secluded to children's birthday parties but can literally be used at any function to make it more fun.
“Piñatas are also great for baby showers, bridal showers, weddings and any party really,” said Annerose.

The  piñatas go for Sh2000 but may vary depending on the size. It is the client who also caters for the sweets or surprise gifts.

For more information on how to get the  piñatas, contact Annerose on 073 779 7997.

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