Count down to Christmas with an Advent Calendar

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Kenyan families have a chance to make the countdown to Christmas more interesting thanks to advent calendars by Nasha's Creations.
Popular in Western countries, the calendars are slowly making their way into Kenya in a bid to excite children for the festivities.

“Advent calendars are meant to celebrate the countdown to Christmas and get everyone especially the children in the holiday mood,” said Ellen Ombati, founder of Nasha's Creations, a women's empowerment group based in Narok.

Advent calendars normally have 25 windows or pockets that when opened each day reveal a surprise.
“Like most Christmas calendars, ours have 25 pockets representing the days to Christmas and at the top there is a bare Christmas tree,” said Ellen.

Every day, a pocket is meant to be opened to reveal the surprise or gift.
“For our calendars, each pocket has items to decorate the Christmas tree a leaf, flower or  even a bird. Every day one item is meant to be put on the Christmas tree,” said Ellen.

For Christmas day however, there is a twist.
“The pocket for this day does not have the usual items but rather a star which is put at the top of the Christmas tree as the crowning decoration,” said Ellen.

Ideally, the countdown to Christmas using Advent Calendars is meant to start on December 1 but Ellen still advocates for families to even start now if they want to. Apart from the Advent Calendars, Nasha's Creations also sell African-themed Christmas ornaments and cards.

The Advent Calendars by Nasha's Creations go for Sh4000. If one is interested, the best way to make an order is through their Facebook page. The calendar can also be delivered but at an extra fee.

For more information call Ellen on 0703 718 765 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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