Mums to be reduce pregnancy back pain with prenatal cradle

Mums to be reduce pregnancy back pain with prenatal cradle0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

391116061e5b447a13c1c1861542eb8fPregnant Kenyan women can relieve some of the discomfort and back pain they experience during pregnancy by wearing a belt that supports their growing belly known as a prenatal cradle.

“The belt is especially good for women who work and are constantly on their feet and moving around when they are pregnant,” said Humphrey Mutegeki, of Pregnancy Care Kenya, who sell the product. “It eases back pain and enables them to bend without feeling much discomfort.”

The product, which he imports from the USA comes highly recommended by doctors and helps mostly those with multiple pregnancies. “The prenatal cradle belts are very effective for pregnant women,” saID Dr David Kiragu of KAM Health Services. “It supports their sagging stomachs that is due to loss of elasticity in the abdominal muscles and enables them to do day to day activities.”

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Mutegeki advises mothers to wear the prenatal cradle belt from the minute they feel even the slightest back pain or discomfort. “Women usually wear it from the third trimester but if they feel any discomfort at whichever trimester then they should make a point of wearing it.”

The belt also plays a huge part in mitigating discomfort after pregnancy especially for first time mothers. “The first pregnancy is usually different from the others because it is a new experience for the mother,” said Mutegeki. “The mother is stronger and will experience less pain and discomfort when pregnant compared to the second time. But after they give birth they usually have postpartum back pain, which can last up to two years. Wearing a prenatal cradle can mitigate the back pain.”

Moreover, it is 100 per cent reusable and are of different types; the mini cradle for back and abdominal pain which goes for Sh3500 and there is the prenatal cradle for the entire body, which goes for Sh6000 and there is the best cradle for Sh7160.

They are stocked in some of local leading Hospitals and Pharmacies such as The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karen Hospital and Goodlife Pharmacies located in most of major malls among others.

One can contact Pregnancy Care Kenya on; 0722586979/0733339903 or visit


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