Muziki Changa introduces new classes

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Muziki Changa, an infants’ music class is introducing more lessons in Nairobi in a bid to cater to its growing audience.

The babies’ music class will now also be taught in  Parklands, Loresho, Gigiri and Kilimani.

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“We just want to reach a wider number of children and where ever interest pops up, we are willing to provide the services “, said founder and teacher at Muziki Changa,  Jenny.

The new classes is not the new development for Muziki Changa as they have also added a greater variety of music to the weekly sessions.

“We now compose our own songs but still learn classic children’s rhymes,” said Jenny.

In order to give the classes a Kenyan twist some of the songs taught are also in Swahili.

Instruments are another  addition to Muziki Changa.

“We basically have simple percussion instruments such as shakers which are easy for the babies to handle,” said Jenny.

“Despite the simplicity of the instruments, they lay a great foundation for those who may want to take up an instrument in future,” she added.

Muziki Changa classes which run weekly for children as young as six months typically start off with a welcome song.

“When the babies arrive we will start of with a song to welcome them then proceed to learn each others names,” said Jenny.

What follows next is a variety of songs, some accompanied with instrument playing that develop the whole character of music and enable the children to use actions and show facial expressions.

Children attending the classes come with their parents which is a great help not only to assist in looking after them but also for their learning.

“Babies best learn from their caregivers so it is useful when the parents are present,” said Jenny.

Muziki Changa classes which run for 45 minutes  have also brought down their fees structure. Instead of paying Sh7000 for the term which consists of ten weekly classes, parents will now pay Sh6000.

Where ever interests arises, Jenny and her team is willing to set up classes as long as there is a quorum of six children.

For more information, call Muziki Changa on 0786 241 477 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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