Maternity swim wear enhances leisure activity for Kenyan women

Maternity swim wear enhances leisure activity for Kenyan women0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Kenyan mothers-to-be have a chance to look stylish when going for swimming thanks to the custom made swim wear by FOA Kenya.

“When I started FOA Kenya, the whole idea was to make swim wear for everyone and that included pregnant women,” said FOA Kenya founder, Lister Agumba.

Started in September 2015, Lister aims to make mothers-to-be more comfortable in their skin through her swim wear line.

“When a client calls me requesting for a swim suit, the first thing I aim to do is fully understand what she wants from swim suit,” said Lister.

According to the stylist and swim wear designer, this includes ”understanding the fears of her body such as which parts she wants covered and which ones she is okay with revealing.”

It is after such a meeting, that Lister is able to propose certain designs for the swim wear.

“I make an array of designs but for pregnant women I best advice them to make tankinis, monokinis, or peplums,” she said.

Making swim suits for pregnant ladies greatly differs from making for other types of people.

“Apart from the designs, I have to take into account how they are growing so I make them quite elastic. If I am making a tankini for instance I have to leave room for growth on the tank top,” she said.

Sometimes Lister even advises her clients to make two sets of swim wear.

“Again, in the case of a tankini I might tell a client to make two tank tops so that they can wear one even after they have given birth,” she said.

When making the swim suits for pregnant women, Lister also makes use of a lot fabric as the swimming costume is double-sided. The material used is mainly spandex.

For more information on the custom made swim wear, call Lister on 0724 780 158

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