Baby's first hair cut

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fonnywills-300x200Kenyan parents have been advised not to believe in the myth that says they cannot cut their baby’s hair until they are six months for fear that it will not grow back.

“You can cut your baby’s hair at any time it will grow back for sure because that is what it is supposed to do,” said Lucy Muchiri, a midwife at a bith centre in Karen, Nairobi. “The myths that say cutting your babies hair at a certain age will lead to baldness are just that, myths. In fact if you cut your baby’s hair for the first time, it will grow faster and longer.”

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Parents can choose to cut their baby’s hair on their own or take them to a specialist. If they do cut it on their own, they first need to seat the baby on someone else's lap while they cut it. If you do not have help, cut it while they are asleep so as to avoid any fidgeting or crying. If they are awake, begin by gently stroking her head all over to calm them down and to distract them.

If you take them to a barber, they will need to see a friendly face around so it is best if the parent holds the baby as they get their hair cut to keep them from fidgeting or crying.

Lucy also advises mothers not to use any shampoos or hair products when the babies are three months and below. “At that age, their hair and head is delicate plus they fidget a lot, it will get into their eyes if you wash their with shampoo, so it is best not to use any hair products on them until they are older than three months then parents can use baby friendly hair products.”

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