Kids health insurance-your options

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Universal health coverage is a global goal of the World Health Organisation but with governments such as that of Kenya not meeting the increasing demand for healthcare, the private sector has stepped to offer medical insurances for families and children. Below are some of the available options to Kenyan parents and children.

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Heritage Insurance like most other companies offers children’s medical cover as dependents only in corporate covers. Providing both inpatient and outpatient, the limits and number of children per cover are regulated by the employer. Under outpatient, laboratory tests, x-rays, medication and consultation is covered.
For medication however, it comes in two types. There is chronic and acute. The latter is formedicine taken over a long period of time while the former is for short-term medication. Chronic illnesses are also covered under inpatient.
Children can be covered under Heritage Insurance until the age of 22 years and if they are students it is until 25 years. With this insurance cover, children can be attended to at over 300 hospitals countrywide such as Nairobi hospital, Aga Khan, MP Shah, Eldoret Hospital among others.
For more information on Heritage Insurance call 0711 039 000.

CIC Insurance also offers Kenyan children below the age of 18 years or students up to 25 years. Under an individual cover, ther are six different plans that offer an inpatient scheme ranging between Sh300000 and Sh5m. In the inpatient, medication and diagnostic screenings such a laboratory tests, x-rays, MRIs are all catered for. The outpatient scheme is offered to corporates which provides for consultation and medication. A similar one for the individual cover is also being prepared.
Chronic conditions such as HIV/AIDS are also taken care under the individual scheme if it was diagnosed after one had become a CIC member. The terminal illness is also only catered for up to a certain limit. For corporates it is also covered but as a sub-limit of the overall cover.
Dental and optical are covered but only the routine check-ups such as tooth fillings . They are covered under outpatient. If they are surgeries then they are covered under inpatient but upto a certain limit.
Insured children with congenital defects between the ages of 30 days and 7 years can also be catered to. Their parents must however been active continuous members for an year. External aids such as wheelchairs, walking frames and crutches are also covered for between Sh15000 and Sh30000.
Other benefits include major organ transplants but it excludes the cost of securing a donor. Funeral cash benefits are also awarded should a child die when the policy is still ongoing.
Children under this cover are able to visit a hospital in every county. One can also be attended to in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and India.
For more information call 0703 099 120.

Madison Insurance offer child health covers under the Madison Alpha Health plan. It comes in two schemes, inpatient and outpatient. The former has a cover between Sh300000 and Sh5m while for the latter it is Sh50000 to Sh150000.
In the inpatient scheme, consultation fee, diagnostic screenings and prescribed drugs are all catered for up to a certain limit. The same goes for intensive care unit, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, physiotherapy and theatre charges.
The Madison Alpha Health plan also covers terminal diseases such as cancer but one should have been a member for two years first. Psychiatric illnesses, non-accidental dental & optical treatments are provided for up to a certain amount.
For the outpatient treatments are coverd up to full cover. They include chronic and non-chronic and HIV/AIDS conditions. They must however have been declared and one may receive the benefit one year after joining. Newly diagnosed conditions are treated after six months while congenital conditions in children take up to one year for one to benefit. Psychiatric illnesses are also covered but the treatment is available after one year.
For more information call 0722 203 435.

Resolution Insurance provides medical insurance to children through various plans. One of these is the New Born Baby Illness Cover which covers upto Sh100000. It is taken as a sublimit from the mother’s annual limit if she is eligible for a Resolution maternity benefit. Anothe cover is the chronic condition which caters to HIV/AIDS. It however excludes cancer and psychiatric conditions. The latter is instead catered for under its own cover along with congenital conditions at a price of Sh35000 to Sh500000. There is also a child guard cover for Sh100000.
Under the inpatient scheme, the cover ranges between Sh500000 and Sh10m. The outpatient runs from Sh50000 to Sh150000. Diagnostic tests such as x-rays, medication and consultation are also catered for. Under the plan, up to five children can be catered for.
For more information call 0709 990 000.

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