Lions Hospital seeks old spectacle frames

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Kenyan families have a chance to prevent visual impairment in children by donating used spectacle frames to the Lions Hospital thereby reducing the cost for the glasses by half.

According to reports such as The Challenge of Providing Spectacles in the Developing World, the high cost of glasses is a key impediment in dealing with easily correctable eye diseases such refractive error.

It is for this reasons that Lions Hospital is seeking used spectacle frames.

“Here at Lions, we accept frames of all kinds which go towards subsidizing the costs of glasses especially for those who cannot afford,” said Sara Ngugi, the head of Optical Department at Lions Hospital.

According to Sara, spectacles at the hospital cost around Sh3000.

“When buying glasses here the lenses will cost Sh1500 while the the frames also cost Sh1500,” said Sara.

When frames are brought to Lions they are first separated depending on their usability.

“We get all sorts of frames and some are not even fit for use so we have to classify them accordingly. We might not turn away any donated frames but we end up eventually disposing of those ones that cannot be re-used,” said Sara.

Even though they are second hand, the donated frames should still be in good condition.

“The two main things we look out for are whether the frames are broken or they have been corroded. If they pass those conditions then they are good to go,” said Sara.

By donating used frames to Lions Hospital, Kenyan families are able to reduce the cost for needy patients by 50 per cents. According to Sara, Lions Hospital is able to donate the spectacle frames to an average of two people every day. Sometimes this number even goes up to five.

For more information on how to donate old spectacle frames , call Lions Hospital on 0728 970 601 or +254 204 183 23 91.

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