Primary school in Ngara incorporates spelling bees in curriculum

Primary school in Ngara incorporates spelling bees in curriculum0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

2d2b4436-bed1-441b-b05f-da7924289da0Kenyan schools have incorporate spelling bees in their curriculum in a bid to improve their students’ vocabulary and make their learning more enjoyable.

According to an article published by US newspaper, Ironton Tribubne titled ‘Spelling Bees are Still Good for Students’, they(spelling bees) play an important role in schools such as; providing a form of competition for students, they give students a sense of achievement and they help develop vocabulary and an understanding of the language.

“We wanted to take part in the spelling bee competition because we wanted our students to have a wonderful learning experience and to get the exposure,” said teacher Mary Makena, who is in charge of the spelling bee at Arya Vedic Academy in Ngara, one of the schools that has incorporated it in their curriculum and an English teacher. “But even before the Kenya Spelling Bee competition started we held interschool competition every Tuesday, it is a part of the curriculum.”

The Kenya spelling bee competition, which is in its inaugural year, has been on going on since January and at the moment it is being conducted within schools. The winners from the schools will then proceed to sub-county competition; the winners from there will proceed to the country competition then to the national level. The winners from the nation level will proceed to the big one which is the Africa spelling bee competition.

Teacher Makena has seen that the spelling bees have been really helpful to the students. “Before, spelling mistakes were common in compositions but now they are just minor mistakes, if any. But it is not just helping in expanding their vocabulary; it also helps build their sentence structure and it also encourages other students to take part in it. We will definitely continue with the interschool spelling bees even after the Kenya spelling bee competition is over.”

Arya Vedice Academy held its interschool competition on Tuesday; five students will proceed to the sub-county completion, four girls and one boy.

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