The best gift for a baby shower

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baby-shower-cartelBaby showers are meant to celebrate the coming birth of a new baby and are usually organised as a surprise for the new mother by her family or friends. One of the perks of baby showers is the gifts but in most cases the gift givers get it wrong

Women are usually the organizers; in fact a research conducted in Britain found that on average, women go to 23 baby showers over a lifetime spending £560 on gifts for the pregnant mother. But as much as the day is about celebrating the mother and her new bundle of joy, it can sometime be a competition among the attendees on who wins the best gift giver.

"I love my sisters and friends but I hated the gifts that they got me in my first baby shower," said Michelle Kanini,a mother to a two year old son and a two month baby girl. “I do not mean to sound ungrateful but gifts such as photo frames, plastic containers, and baby shoes among others were appreciated but not useful to me and the baby.

“When I got word that they were organising a baby shower when I was pregnant with my second child, I asked my husband to join the social media group they were using to discuss it and for him to convince them to only get diapers as gifts.”

Baby diapers are one of the biggest expenses that parents have to cope with when they get a new born, for Kanini she got her perfect baby shower and diapers in bulk as gifts to spare her expense of diapers.

One advice Miriam Aywah gives to baby shower attendees is that it is not about you, it is about the mother and her. “Most people are more concerned about getting the best and unique gift for the mother but the truth is, she does not need a unique or the best gift, what she needs is a gift that she will enjoy using,” the mother of two said. “The most important gift is diapers, it does not matter how many bales she has bought or who else has bought a similar gift, it does not matter, diapers are the best gifts a mother of a new born can get.”

Cheryl Locho, a mother to a one and a half year old son agrees with Miriam. “It is the one gift at a baby shower that should never miss or cannot be overlooked.”
It is best to buy midi or maxi diapers because the baby will soon outgrow the mini ones and do not forget about the mother. “People always forget about the mother and only get gifts for the baby. She needs things like; breast pads, breast feeding tops and bras, for working mothers, breast pumps would be wonderful gift,” said Miriam.

Other baby shower gifts include; feeding chairs, feeding bottles, shoes and clothes but they need to be a few sizes bigger (for a six month old baby).

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