Kilimani kids tech camp nurtures innovators

Kilimani kids tech camp nurtures innovators0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Kenya kids are developing their own games this April holiday at Camp Code, an initiative that hopes to raise the next generation of innovators who are crucial in moving a country to the next stage of development.

“The four day camp is training children to create their own games by introducing children to the basics of coding,” said Stephen Mbwika, the camp coordinator.

A code refers to a set of instructions-numbers and words-that make up a computer program which enables a computer to function.

The camp which is a pilot initiative of Homeboyz Entertainment and Microsoft will see children between the ages of seven and fifteen years come up with games using already developed apps.

“Microsoft is providing us with material to carry out the camp such as the applications minecraft which will enable children to learn how to carious links which ode. They are also giving us various links which will provide more information to coding in case the children want to continue practising after the camp,” said Stephen.

The camp started on Monday April 18 and for the next four days hopes to accomplish at least two goals.

“Seeing that it is the holiday season, we want to use this platform as a way to keep kids engaged. We also want to use the camp as a launching pad of introducing children to computer science,” said Stephen.

On the first day of the camp, every child gets their own laptop so as to propel an individualized type of learning. The 1:3 ratio of trainers to children also aides to achieve this.

Throughout the four days, the children are then taught how to code step by step. Each trainer goes at the child’s own pace.

The April camp is the first of many which the organisers hope will become more regular.

“We plan to also hold it in August then in December we can have a competition,” said Stephen.

Camp Code also has plans of collaborating with schools so that children can continue learning how to code even during the school term.

After the training, children will be given Microsoft links and handouts which will enable them to continue coding at home. All that is required is internet access.

Despite having already started, Camp Code is still accepting more children.

“Those who come in later will receive specialised training so that they can catch up and cover the basics of coding. There will also be a discounted price for them,” said Stephen.

According to the camp coordinator, on the first day six children attended the training while on the second day there was an increase of of two more people, an indication that the word is spreading.

Camp Code which costs Sh10000 is being held at Galana Plaza in Kilimani. For more information, call 0703 991 991

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