Tech camp to nurture innovators

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Kenyan children have a chance to learn how to code at the second edition of the Y-Hub Code Camp, a holiday activity that aims to nurture innovators.

The Y-Hub Code Camp which aims to encourage innovation among children will run from Monday, July 18 to Friday September 3, 2016.

“Technology has taken over this century therefore children need to learn not just how to use it but also how to create it. It is very empowering and helps the child become innovative,” said Grace Nyarenchi, a trainer at the camp.

The one and a half month long camp is in its second edition with the pilot having been held during the April holidays. For this camp, Y-Hub hopes to have more advanced content to teach.

“For the children who may have attended the one in April, we shall have additional content so as that they do not feel bored.,” said Grace.

As for new students they will start from the beginning depending on their computer proficiency.

“We have children coming in from all parts of Kenya so they may not all be on the same level of knowing how to use a computer and for those who do not know, we will teach them from the beginning,” said Grace.

However, for the computer literate children, the coding camp shall start with learning the basic syntax of coding. At the camp, children learn how to make a game therefore they need to understand basic coding.

“We use a simple icon-based programming structure whereby a child does not need to necessarily know how to code, They just need to know what each icon stands for so that when they put it place it makes sense,” said Grace.

Another way of coding the children will learn is by the use of soft blocs.

“These blocs are embedded with code. One bloc represents a whole line of code. Once you place a bloc, you can pre-view it to know whether the bloc will fit there,”said Grace.

The code camp will occur in one week cycles at a cost of Sh10000 per child. Starting from 9am to 4pm, children will be learning programming at 8th Floor of Lenana Plaza . During this learning period, the children will be provided with two snacks and a lunch time meal.

For more information, contact Grace on 0708 632 799

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