Where to buy African Grey parrots

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adorable-african-grey-parrots507daf4772600b66e4eaKenyans who would like to own a house pet, can consider buying the intelligent and low maintenance African Grey parrot.

“Food-wise, African Grey parrots are low maintenance compared to other pets,” said a parrot seller who identifies as Taylur Leutnar. “They eat fruits, nuts and seeds. They are also intelligent and have the ability to talk plus they have cosmetic value- they are beautiful.”

According to the birdchannel.com, a website dedicated to information on pet birds, African Grey parrots are the Einsteins’ of the bird world; they have excellent talking ability and are thought to recognize the meaning of words as well.

“They are intelligent and learn very quickly, enjoy socializing but its behavior is often affected by the owner’s mood and home environment.”

In terms of care, the African Grey parrots ask for high emotional demand. “As its owner, one needs to talk to it and interact with it often because it considers its owners as its companion.”

On the legality process in acquiring a parrot, Leutnar said that one has to get a permit from the Kenya Wild life Service (KWS) first. “I usually give the willing buyer, a copy of my permit to take to KWS, this shows that they are buying the pet legally and not from some street vendor,” he said. “KWS will then issue them a certificate that permits them to own a parrot in their home.”

But before purchase, Leutner carries out a thorough background check of the willing buyer to ensure that the parrot is going to a home in which it will be well taken care of and a secure environment. “After purchase, I also carry out monthly reviews to ensure that the bird is well taken care of.”

The African grey parrot goes for $300. To get in touch with him call: 0711406777

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