Preserve childhood memories with 3D casts

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14908386 190373854751914_6892709439415713483_nKenyan parents looking to preserve the memories of their children when they were young can do so by getting gold or silver 3D casts that will serve as a reminder of the years passed.

“At Precious Treasures, we make impressions of children’s feet from newborns to four years old,” said Assheen Archana, the founder of the company. “It serves as a way of preserving childhood memories for both the parents and children.”

Indeed, given that the earliest childhood memories have been found to fade at age seven, having a 3D cast could be a good way of holding on to the precious times.

In a research conducted by Emory University on the when earliest memories fade that at age seven children experience childhood amnesia. “We actually recorded the memories of children, and then we followed them into the future to track when they forgot these memories,” said psychologist Patricia Bauer who led the study."

“We interviewed the children about past events in their lives, starting at age three. Different subsets of the group of children were then tested for recall of these events at ages five, six, seven, eight and nine and we found that at age seven is when these earliest memories tend to fade into oblivion, a phenomenon known as childhood amnesia."

It is these memories that Assheen is looking to preserve with 3D casts. “I was inspired to start the company so as to enable parents and children to create lifetime memories of their children plus I enjoyed making the impressions because they are indeed precious treasures

Precious treasures, whose slogan is; 10 little fingers, 10 little toes, a hand and foot so perfect and small that it fits snugly into the palm of your hand charges rates range from Sh9500.

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