Five after-school programs for Kenyan kids

Five after-school programs for Kenyan kids5 out of 50 based on 1 voters.

Kenyan parents can enroll their children in various after-school programs as a way of keeping their kids away from bad peer influence, nurturing their talents as well as providing life lessons for the children away from their daily school work.

These after-school programs not only provide entertainment for children during holidays but also builds their psychological and emotional development.

“Lack of play affects emotional development, leading to the rise of anxiety, depression, and problems of attention retention, self-esteem and control,” this is according to an article published in the American Journal of Play on the importance of play for children.

By joining a club or engaging in team activities, it provides an outstanding platform for them to overcome these challenges.

Below are some clubs that Kenyan children can join during school off days.


The Sunflower Kids Club

13094176 842455592522073_5106829918985256063_nThis is a Christian oriented kids club that provides opportunities for the kids to participate and grow both physically, emotionally and holistically. Drama, music, acrobatic dances and bible studies are some of the activities the children are involved in. They also organize musical plays, concerts and church mission, where children can minister to their peers.

 Kids are also issued with certificates for the various activities involved they participate in after the first and the second term.

The club has an activities term period of 10 to 11 weeks where kids meet on a weekly basis on Saturdays from 9 am to 12.30pm.

The club is open for children between the ages of four to 11 years. First time members need to register for a fee of Sh1000, the term fees however is Sh10000 for all members.

Parents with more than one child within this age bracket who would be interested in enrolling their kids can negotiate a slight discount. The club is located at Logos Christian School along Statehouse road.

 To get in touch with them call: Dan on 0720841370


Wezesha Kids Club

Wezesha kids club main aim is to socially empower Kenyan children by bringing15542224 1385688088110013_5640731096933441110_n them out of their cocoon, building their confidence and also to nurture their talents.

The kids get to participate in various activities such as art and craft, cookery, drama, dance and movement, as well as creative sports such as football and team building activities among others.

During the long school holidays, they also organize camps that last a period of one week for the kids and in the school term, the kids meet every Saturday to socialize and engage in activities.

Their target age bracket is three to 14 years. A registration fees of Sh500 and activities fees of Sh3500 per month is required to enroll for the Saturday program. Children interested in attending the holiday camps pay Sh6000 per week.

Discounts are also offered to parents interested in enrolling more than one child. The club is located at Playfarm International School behind Braeburn School in Lavington, Amboseli Road.

To get in touch with them call: Martin Chege on 0733417235 / 0713993101

Sarakasi Trust Club

16425902 1407853059233323_9131346917447466415_nThe Sarakasi club hosts a kids’ program targeting children from the informal sector with an aim of nurturing their talents as well as to keep them away from bad influences. They provide dance and acrobatic trainings on Saturday mornings and during the holidays.

They have no age restrictions and have an open door policy in terms of subscription so as to cultivate the culture of consistency from the kids. They are located at the Sarakasi Dome along Ngara road in Nairobi.

To get in touch with them call: James Munga on 0722814133


Juhudi Children Club

The club’s purpose is to provide alternative learning in leadership, conservation16508234 1249456545123801_1873628488022718174_n, art as well as to offer life skills not taught in the Kenyan school curriculum.

Mosaic, annual art exhibitions, tree planting, National park visits, annual environmental and leadership camps are the main activities the children are involved in at the Juhudi Children Club.

The members of the club meet every alternate week during the school period while special events and five day camps are organized over the long holidays.

There is a Sh2000 annual registration fees and activities payment charges vary depending on the activities planned. Children between the ages of five to 13 years can sign up. 

Juhudi Children Club will also launch a youths’ activity program later this year.

It is located at Centinary House, along the Ring Road Westlands lane in Nairobi.

To get in touch with them call: Mr Kimani on 0722489108

Art club at the Nairobi Art Centre

16807378 1416398575051223_3817143821954787667_nLocated opposite the Lavington mall, this club offers creative children a chance to develop their talents in drawing, painting and pottery. The club has three programs for different age groups:

The kinder class is for the three to six year olds. The class is for beginners that serves as an introduction to art to toddlers seeking to learn about art.

Then there is the junior class which targets seven to 11 year olds. It is an advanced class where children are taught on how to express themselves creatively through art.

The teens class for the 12 to 15 year olds, teaches teenagers on how to perfect their art skills.

The classes run from 10 am to 1pm but there is a break during which children can take part in other non-art activities such as playing football, skipping rope and socializing among other activities.

On Saturday, the club has a common activity that involves all the members that the instructors selects for them.

Parents can also choose to enroll for an art class as they wait for their children’s session to end.

Charges for the various classes are: Kinder and Junior-Sh1500 per session or Sh5500 for four sessions

Teens-Sh2000 per session or Sh7000 for four sessions

These charges are inclusive of a meal either juice and biscuits on a hot day or hot chocolate on a cold day.

Charges for parents’ classes are Sh2500 per session or Sh9000 for four classes

For more information contact them on: Admin 0727415678. 

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