New medical app launched that enables Kenyans to buy medicine via smartphone

New medical app launched that enables Kenyans to buy medicine via smartphone0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

image001Kenyan can now buy medicine and personal care items via an application on their smarthphone thanks to pharmaceutical company, Neotech Kenya.

The app, called Livia, is available on the Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. It allows users to get the best possible price on medicine and personal care items from a wide selection of chemists that have been on boarded on the app.

“Livia is to the retail pharmacy industry, what Uber is to the taxi industry. We have signed up reputable chemists in Nairobi and Mombasa as Livia Partner Chemists. As partners, they receive an instant alert when a customer makes an order for medicine or personal care items via the app and are invited to submit quotations. Chemists that offer the most competitive price are then linked with the customers,” said Dr. Samier Muravvej, Chief Executive Officer of Neotech.

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“Think about a young parent who needs drugs delivered for their child at home and does not want to spend time looking for the chemist with the best price. Livia allows them to make the order via their phone and arrange for delivery,” said Dr. Muravvej.

The application offers users competitive pricing that area available in different chemists around their area.

“We have seen innovation sprouting up at the government, corporate and non-governmental level, using technology to ease the burden of access to healthcare and medication across the country and Livia app is one such promising technology,” said Director of Curative Science, Dr Izaq Odongo in his speech at the launch.

To promote safety and build customer trust, Livia ensures its partner chemists go through a rigorous vetting process to ascertain that they can supply safe drugs. The app has also secured the endorsement of the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya.

“Safety is naturally a key concern for our customers and for us as well. This why we working closely with the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya and vetting our partner chemists,” said Dr. Muravvej.

Livia is also actively engaging with insurers with a view to securing partnerships. “Insurers who partner with us will not have to deal directly with chemists as through the app, we will be able to create the largest pharmaceutical network that they can tap into.”

Though Livia is currently only available in Kenya, it will ultimately be introduced to other markets such as Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and ultimately Ghana and Nigeria in West Africa. “We will commence this expansion once we hit our target of 100,000 active users here in Kenya,” he said.

The next target for Dr. Muravvej is a Livia app specifically targeted for doctors. It will allow doctors to generate prescriptions on the Livia app and tag patients. This is currently under development.

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