Why you should have a baby shower

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baby-shower-slide-gender-reveal-170416A baby shower is a celebration party organized by friends for before or after delivery of a baby by presenting gifts to the mother. Other cultures, however, celebrate a baby shower to celebrate the transformation of a woman into womanhood.
This ceremony can be traced back in history and has for years been held in many countries. India for instance held baby shower during the 6th or 8th month of pregnancy and the mother showered with dry fruits, sweet grams, and other gifts. In the culture, a musical event is also included. The music believed to sooth the unborn baby.
In some traditions, baby showers were only given to the family’s first child and only women were invited.
During renaissance period childbirth was close to a mystical event, while in Victorian Era, a woman was supposed to keep her pregnancy a secret and was not supposed to appear in public due to proper behavior definitions in some cultures.
The modern-day baby shower started after the WW2 and evolved with the consumer ideology of the 1950s and 60s.
Today, in Kenya, baby showers are organized by friends and close family friends mostly though WhatsApp groups. The party is kept secret from the mother and on that day, friends surprise her at an agreed venue, mostly at the mothers/friend’s home or restaurant with gifts, food, and drinks.
The event is also themed with the friends dressed in agreed dress code and color. A cake is also cut to celebrate the coming of the baby. The event is a fun event where games are played, and lots of photos taken.
So why should you have a baby shower?
• Every mother deserves to feel loved, supported and appreciated when having a baby.
• Your baby deserves it- The day is not just about you but the baby as well and what’s better than to celebrate early.
• Brings the people you love together- Every person you love will be in one room, interacting and getting to know each other.
• It is fun- you get to play, laugh and have a good time.
• The gifts-Who doesn’t love gifts?

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