Making the best out of Christmas offers without regret

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xmasDecember is a month that many Kenyan business enterprises give reduces prices, sales, bonuses and other offers, however purchasing goods without any rationality may lead to post-purchase regret according to research.
Patricia Kihoro, a Kenyan Actress, and fashion enthusiast say it is vital to put a lot of thought into what you would like to buy.
“When I want to purchase things especially online, I make a list of all the things I want months before. This is to avoid wasting time and money on things you do not need or haven’t budgeted for,” she says.
A research by Jisook "April" Park, a Kansas State University doctoral candidate in psychology, Korea shoppers who use cognitive effort which involves researching, gathering opinions and exploring options experience less post-purchase regret when they justify their purchases.

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"Regret is very interesting to me compared to any other negative emotion because it's based on how you think," Park said. "If you do not put a lot of thought into 'what if' situations, you aren't definitely going to experience regret."
During the study, the participants were given two types of decision-making situations. In one they were asked to choose between two laptops and the second involved choosing between two pairs of jean trousers.
They were then asked to use different levels of cognitive efforts in order to choose between the two items.
The results found that the participants experienced less regret in what they had settled for when more research and cognitive efforts were invested and when a pair of jeans was bought rather than the laptop.
In online and in-store shopping aspect of the research, participants saw the item they had purchased online or in a store for a cheaper price after two weeks. They experienced more regret if they bought an item online and found it was cheaper in stores than those was bought an item in stores and found it cheaper online.
"Buying thing in stores is a different experience because you can feel and experience an item and the emotions associated with touching which is a very important decision factor. That is the reason why online shoppers try to read comments from other people because they're trying to compensate for the fact that they can't touch or feel a product in an online store."

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