New app helps parents track their children in school buses

New app helps parents track their children in school buses0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Parents can now keep track of their children while going to and from school using a mobile app meant to ease tension and back and forth communication between parents and school’s transport managers.
MyShuleApp launched this year is installed in school bases and linked to parents mobile phones and provides critical data for both users provides updates on the current location, real-time updates, alerts from transport departments or bus attendants and parent feedback tools.
“The application also provides transporters with critical data and analytics that can identify underused bus stops, monitor on-time performance and compare planned route information to GPS data collected on each vehicle, said developer Abed Muange.
Driven by the desire to fix the communication mishaps and parent anxiety that happen when kids are using school buses, Muange began to think of ideas and came up with the app.
The app is a product offered by Click Africa Ltd and is targetting schools in big towns such as Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa and Kisumu.
"The package by the app providers into the respective education institutions who then approach parents and settle on the pricing," said Muange.
“Parents are always stressed about their child's safety. In the mornings, they worry about safe arrivals and why buses delay, for example. The app aims at putting this to an end," noted Muange.
He added that the current era is one in which people expect accurate and transparent information on demand, especially in the case of schools as children are involved.
“MyShuleApp fleet management meets parents' demands for access to real-time information from their children’s schools but also school and transport officials’ data to help them make more informed decisions,” he told The Star on Friday.
He explained that an automated system is installed on the school bus and that parents download the mobile application.
“Teachers or schools can also send critical notifications to the parents in an easy, timely and confidential manner,” he said.
Fifty schools in Nairobi are already using the tool. They include CITAM Schools (Woodley and Buruburu), Kinderville, Lepic and Happy Land Group of Schools.
"This is aimed at motivating innovation," he said. "The automation is done for free allowing parents free push notifications and slash the subscription fee by over 75 per cent to Sh400 per parent per term. However, this cost will also be agreed various schools. "

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