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Restaurants go techy to help families bond together

Restaurants go techy to help families bond together0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

It's now possible for families to eat out together even when miles apart, thanks to a new initiative EatOut Kenya, Google and Wazi WiFi have just rolled out, helping restaurants tap into the emerging power of the Internet.

According to EatOut Kenya an online restaurant guide and booking engine in Kenya, about 400 local restaurants with an online presence are steadily gaining popularity with clients who make reservations in advance, view menus and prices and see reviews of establishments before selecting a place to dine and unwind.

Yet, finding a nice restaurant in various places in Kenya especially one with high-speed, accessible WiFi connection is not always an easy affair, the organisation found. But once Eat Out Kenya partnered with Wazi WiFi an initiative that installs publicly-accessible Internet hotspots across Kenya, it will now be possible to stay in touch with clients, friends, and family from the start of October 2012.

As a way to spend a day out at eat-out joints in Kenya, many families often go to Nyama Choma restaurants with livebands, comedians, acrobats, playgrounds for children. But with the advent of internet access over the past decade with family a few members travelling abroad, sitting together infront of livebands in restaurants could become less common. Thanks to internet tools such as youtube or skype live bands watched by an international audience in form of a family connecting with each other.  

Making that possible, according to the initiators, the partnership between Google, Wazi WiFi and Eat Out Kenya will see Kenyans stay connected, by simply switching to WiFi connections on their phones, tablets, or laptops while in the eating establishments.

Google's offerings including Google+ which offers new ways to interact with others over the web using features like “Google+ Hangouts”. While Wazi WiFi helps restaurants extend that online experience from home to work to a lunch meeting or dinner, by offering high-speed, accessible WiFi access points.

“The initiative gives customers the freedom to continue with their digital life even in restaurants,” Google Country Manager Joe Mucheru said adding that it would also benefit the restaurant owners,  “And because Wazi WiFi offers unlimited Internet access, the business owners do not need to worry about bills piling up. We therefore see this as another way for  increasing the restaurants’ competitive edge, while at the same time get more people online.”  

Moreover, Google Access Field Development Director Kai Walff said, “People bring their lives into the restaurants and it is therefore vital for these business owners to reach out to their customers by providing them with a platform that enables them to extend this online presence.”

The cost of installation and Internet use is affordable they say. Riyaz Bachani, Group CTO at Wananchi Group, in charge of Wazi WiFi stated, “For 10 minutes per day, customers will get to surf the Internet from their devices for free. For those who want to have unlimited internet access per day, they will pay Sh50 per device. One month access per device will cost Sh500."  

All in all, according to Mikul Shah, the Co-Founder and CEO of EatOut Kenya, the Eatout.co.ke hopes to increase numbers of restaurants subscribing online, seeking to provide an environment where guests can interact through the Wazi WiFi connection.  

Guests especially in eating joints will be able to connect to the World Wide Web while in the restaurants. Hotspots can be found by logging into http://waziwifi.co.ke/
 Written by Stella Kabura for African Laughter

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