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Eating crickets can end malnutrition in children

Eating crickets can end malnutrition in children and ensure food security by boosting the nutritional value of food, a 2017 research conducted by the  [ ... ]

New drug for children leading killer, pneumonia

The Ministry of Health has announced the adoption of amoxicillin-dispersible tablets as the first line of antibiotic treatment, in a move that is beli [ ... ]

Building girls’ confidence through reading

A book club project at Dagoretti Girls Rehabilitation School is building girls’ self-confidence by encouraging them to develop a reading culture and [ ... ]

In the fight against anemia

Consumer company, Unilever is spearheading efforts to help reduce the prevalence of iron deficiency anaemia in Nigeria, especially among women and ado [ ... ]

Kids' safety precautions on school buses

Over 400 children died this year from road-related accidents according to Road National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) raising the question of  [ ... ]

Children's toys linked to future behaviour and ca...

Did you know the type of toys you buy for your children affects their future? Research has shown that getting gender-specific toys as an effect on chi [ ... ]

Kenya classified as at moderate risk of potential ...

Following the outbreak of plague in Madagascar, Kenya has been classified as at moderate risk of potential spread due to travel interconnection with M [ ... ]

The importance of encouraging children to wash the...

On October 15th, the world commemorated the Global Handwashing day, which seeks to educate the society on the importance of cleaning one’s hands wit [ ... ]

October is breast cancer awareness month

October is breast cancer awareness month and in order to commemorate the day, The Nairobi Women’s Hospital will for the whole of this month offer fr [ ... ]

Dialysis units increased in Kenyan hospitals in a ...

The Government has installed additional 49 dialysis units across the country to enhance access to nephrology services. Each of the units which were i [ ... ]

Kasarani residents to access improved services at ...

St. Francis Community Hospital, a faith-based Level 4 hospital in Kasarani, Nairobi, has moved to Teleradiology technology to cut waiting times and co [ ... ]

Facts about sickle cell anemia

• September is sickle cell anemia awareness month.
It has been commemorated since 1983.
• Sickle cell anemia is a genetic disorder where one’s [ ... ]

The Ministry of Health takes measures to curb suic...

The Government has laid out an elaborate strategy to address the suicide mortality problem and its high negative impacts to the society. The Ministry [ ... ]

Healthcare forum for parents with special needs ki...

My Ella Centre, an organization that caters for special needs children in Kenya will next week host a forum in a bid to address the challenges that fa [ ... ]

Centre for special needs children opened in Westla...

A centre called My Ella Centre that caters for special needs children in Kenya including those with Down’s syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy has o [ ... ]

A new anti-malarial is being tested in Africa by p...

In a bid to eradicate malaria globally, pharmaceutical company, Novartis in collaboration with Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) has launched a tria [ ... ]

Cholera: facts and symptoms

In the past two months, the country has been rocked with cholera outbreak that has majorly affected city hotels. As of this month, the Ministry of Hea [ ... ]

New cancer center opened in Eldoret, Kenya

Kenyans living in Eldoret and its environs can now access cancer treatment at the newly opened Eldoret Comprehensive Cancer Centre by the Equra Health [ ... ]

Kenyans cautioned against the prevalence of unreg...

Kenya has an eight per cent prevalence of unregulated or grey medicinal brands and high blood pressure drugs are the most affected, this is according  [ ... ]

Infections from worms are one of the leading cause...

Intestinal worms, which include hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms, are the most common infections worldwide according to WHO. They also a leading ca [ ... ]

Kenyan school girls to receive menstrual health ed...

Chandaria Industries has started an annual campaign to educate young girls on menstrual hygiene health, as studies show that girls receive inadequate  [ ... ]

New medical app launched that enables Kenyans to b...

Kenyan can now buy medicine and personal care items via an application on their smarthphone thanks to pharmaceutical company, Neotech Kenya. The app, [ ... ]

The rich and healthy Kenyan purple tea

When we think of the health benefits of herbal tea, green tea has always been top of mind. Research has shown that green tea happens to be the health [ ... ]

Can We Rely on Vitamin Supplements to Keep Us and ...

A World Bank study released this year stated that just over one quarter of Kenyan children under the age of five are stunted. This means that the heig [ ... ]

New malaria diagnostic test launched in the countr...

Alere Inc, a global leader in rapid diagnostics has launched a highly sensitive malaria diagnostic test that will help healthcare workers detect infec [ ... ]

The Kenyan Ministry of Health takes measures to p...

On 9 May, the World Health Organization (WHO) was informed of a cluster of undiagnosed illness and deaths including haemorrhagic symptoms in Likati He [ ... ]

The nutritional benefits of orange-fleshed sweet p...

Sweet potatoes have been found to have various nutritional value such as providing, Vitamin A,          & [ ... ]

The importance of a nutritious breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. It is generally recommended by several dietary guidelines that 15 to 25 per cent of recommended daily requi [ ... ]

The gluten-free diet is not as healthy as consumer...

Gluten, a type of protein found in grains, wheat and barley has become one of those food products that people are avoiding in a bid to ‘eat healthy [ ... ]

Drinking two glasses of milk a day keeps the docto...

Most parents encourage their children to drink milk telling them that it will help them grow strong; this statement is now backed by science as resear [ ... ]

Take only six teaspoons of sugar per day to reduce...

A Euromonitor report on the global economies and consumers 2017 has revealed that diabetes is one of the lifestyle diseases that will be on the rise g [ ... ]

Kenyan men urged to go for cancer screenings

Kenyan men are being urged to go for regular cancer screening so as to facilitate the early detection of the disease and increase the survival rates f [ ... ]

Working night shifts and manual labour jobs may le...

A new research released in Paris, France has found that working nights and manual labour jobs that require heavy lifting may cause infertility in wome [ ... ]

Long term use of pacifiers will lead to dental pro...

A baby sucking on a pacifier is a way of providing comfort after they stop breastfeeding however Kenyan parents are being warned that the long term us [ ... ]

Causes of delay in the eruption of permanent teeth...

In some cases, the eruption of permanent teeth in children may delay a condition that may be caused by the alteration in the development of the tooth  [ ... ]

The treatment of cancer in Kenya may soon be a par...

A new Bill has been introduced in the Kenyan parliament by Homabay’s women representative Gladys Wanga, to promote the treatment of cancer patients  [ ... ]

Delayed primary teeth eruption due to premature or...

Babies’ teeth eruption usually begins at the age of six months but in some cases, it may take longer especially when a child is born prematurely or  [ ... ]

Polio vaccination campaign launched in Kenya

A vaccination campaign against polio has been launched in the by the ministry of health in a bid to prevent any outbreak of the disease in the country [ ... ]

Food allergen challenges can be used to identify t...

Performing allergy challenges on children can be a good way of testing their tolerance on certain foods especially when there is doubt on the specific [ ... ]

The importance of teaching oral hygiene to school ...

A cross-section of key stakeholders in Kenya’s health and education sectors have pledged their support for the curriculum review process that will i [ ... ]

Other Articles

New treatment offers hope to childless couples in Kenya

New treatment offers hope to childless couples in Kenya2 out of 50 based on 17 voters.

In vitro fertilization, the medical treatment that offers hope and babies to childless couples, has finally been launched at the Agha Khan University Hospital, with the first two Kenyan women now expecting babies.

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Mamas launch weekly club for mums of newborns

Mamas launch weekly club for mums of newborns3 out of 50 based on 1 voters.

Mama Support Network, a group that offers support for families in the first year of newborn’s lives through workshops, yard sales, coffee mornings and presentations, is launching a weekly club for the mums of newborns.

MSN has active groups in Westlands and Kilimani, reaching over 50 families.

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Kenya imports Mother’s Day

Kenya imports Mother’s Day0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Be it March, May, or December, Mothers Day is a day for honouring Mothers. In the US, it is also the second largest gift buying bonanza of the calendar, yielding as much as $15bn a year. In Kenya, where there is no tradition of a mother’s celebratory day, the day is now filtering through in both March and May stirring greater interest and more events every time around.

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Deadly kid’s medication still treating headlice in Kenya

Deadly kid’s medication still treating headlice in Kenya0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

The headlice treatment based on pesticide Lindane, known as Kwell, was five years ago classified by the US Food and Drug Administration as potentially deadly, yet it remains on sale today in Kenya, despite evidence it can cause children permanent neurological damage, liver damage and cancer. In vulnerable groups, a single treatment can lead to seizures and death.

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