Mobile platform helps Kenyan students improve school performance

Mobile platform helps Kenyan students improve school performance0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

rangeKenyan students can now improve their performance off school by using the mobile learning management platform called M-shule that contains mini-lessons designed to help students reach topic mastery in Maths and English.

The organization that runs the platform has a team of local teachers who study the Kenyan curriculum and create lessons that the students are interested in and they also match the learner to the right lesson at the level that they need.

Educational mobile platforms and apps can be a great way for students to learn and understand their lessons away from school. Besides they lack the formality of school books due to their colorful designs thus making it capturing children’s attention by making it interesting and fun for them to concentrate and learn.

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According to Edsys, education software solutions such platforms can make children more interactive and activate better engagement between parents and children.
“Studies have shown that, mobile apps promote entertainment. Learning is no more a passive activity, it’s active with applications. Lessons transforming to games can change the face of education. Children will enable a kind of interest in learning. Level based apps instill determination to pass each level. Apps without doubt enhance education. No more boring home works and tough class lectures,” said Edsys in its website.

For M-shule, the platform is designed to involve the whole learning community in accelerating a child’s progress - from student to parent to teacher to school by delivering personalized lesson to the student and parent at home through SMS.

From the interaction with the student, they also analyze progress, performance, share analytics, insights, and reports with the school, teacher, and parent through SMS and web.

To sign up one can send a text message with the word MSHULE to the short code 40606. One is required to provide the following information; child’s name, age, gender, class and the school’s code- however one can sign up as an independent learner thus no need for a school code.

The child’s most recent examination marks are also required to determine their level in order to establish the lessons that they require.
To get in touch with them, call 0711 285 648 or visit their website-

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