World Scrabble tournament to be held in Kenya

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fstw3ruts6o8wx959efa71658184The world’s second scrabble championship will be held at Laico Regency Nairobi after the first in Perth, Australia in 2015 as a recreation activity aimed at extending education with a buildup of the English vocabulary in Africa and the world.

The event running from 6th-12th November is organized by World English Scrabble Players' Association and has attracted participants from over 30 countries bringing together scrabble lovers from all over the world in an activity full of cultural exchange, interaction and tourism.

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“We are so lucky to have won the bid to have the championships happen in Kenya after a long bidding process that saw countries write proposals, and convince the selection team of benefits of having the event in the respective country. The event will really expose Kenya as a country that promotes mental sports too,” said Organizing Secretary Scrabble Kenya, Mwema Mumbi.

Scrabble is categorized as a mental sport which improves mental alertness, science subjects and general school performance with the process of joining being participation in the nationally held competitions.

“We are working with various schools in the youth team category and aim at recruiting more due to the advantages of practicing this sport including training in mathematics, problem-solving skills and strategy,” he said.

The 2017 WASPA championships will have 100 players who are winners of national competitions held in their respective countries.

To make it versatile the scrabble players are being treated to series of different categories of the scrabble extravaganza:

Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)

Open event, 8 games on Tuesday 7th November 2017. Top 20% & top 3 youth players advance to the WESPA Championship


Qualification: By invitation only via country selection process

32 games over 4 days (Wednesday 8th to Saturday 11th November 2017). The top 2 advance to a best of 7 final on Sunday 12th

Nairobi One Day Open Championship

Wednesday 8th November 2017, a total of 8 games to be played

Kenya International Youth Championship

This will run from Thursday 9th – Saturday 11th November 2017

Kenya International Open Championship

This will run from Thursday 9th – Saturday 11th November 2017

One Day Open

The One Day Open will be on Sunday 12th November 2017.

The next championship will be held in 2019. To join enroll for the nationally held competition through scrabble Kenya’s website or call 0725791021.

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