Mums and babies day out

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Kenyan mothers have a chance to interact, shop and learn at a mums and kids event called Stilettos and Strollers next month.

“The event is a day for mums and their kids to have a fun day out together while they socialize, learn different things on various topics from other mums and professionals, “said Lanji Ouko, the co-founder of the event.

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Lanji describes the event as a small mall for mums and kids and said that they will be no specific topics for discussion but there will be different stalls where mothers can stop by and ask any question on motherhood, marriage or anything else that they would like to know about.

“It is a support group for mums and expectant mums," she said, There will also be a play area for children so that they can have fun as their mothers shop.They also do not have to worry about their children wandering because they will be nannies at the play area site.”

Lanji Ouko, a lawyer by profession, is also the founder of a ladies only club called Crevit Mulier.“I started it so as to give young women a place where they can get advice on any issue that they are going through,” she said. “I am not a mother so I partnered with the founder of the It is a Mama’s World group called Mwende Mbae, so that we can host a mummy and baby day event."

Previously, they organized events for the members of club but the Stilettos and Strollers will be the first where non-members can attend.

It will take place at the Botanical Gardens, in Langata on 27th February from 11 am to 6pm. Entry charges are Sh500.

To get in touch with them and learn more call them on:0706444443

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