Homeschooling in Kenya

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16406869 1346618495396286_7652169320849453413_nIt might not be a popular concept in the country yet but homeschooling is being considered as one of the options of children getting education as opposed to traditional schooling by Kenyan parents.
“ One of the reasons that homeschooling appeals to parents is the one on one interaction of pupil or student and the teachers,” said Elvis Prespley, the founder of Preswin Home tuition, that specializes in homeschooling. “The attention of the teacher on one student can serve as motivation for student to learn and even more freely. For children, who are slow learners, they will not be left behind in class while those who are fast learners, they get to learn at their preferred pace.”
Just like traditional schooling, homeschooling also follows the recommended school curriculum, “We adhere to the curriculum and syllabus from the subjects to the books, the only difference is that it is the client who decides from what time that they would prefer learning.”
Home schooling does not take as much time, in terms of hours, as those spent in school but the students learn a lot because the teacher attends to one student at a time.
“When it comes to exams, the client can choose which school they would prefer to register their child in so that they can be sitting for exams; end of term and national exams to see if they are making any progress. The school grades the exams,” he said. “The client can also opt to let the teacher register the student instead.”
Homeschooling does not neglect the importance of social interaction with other students or pupils. “It is not just teaching and learning, the students also get to participate in outdoor activities such as games and we take them for swimming among other activities where they can interact and socialize with children their age.”
For more information on homeschooling, you can contact Preswin home tuition and Elvis Prespley on0723419853

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