Bringing out children's creativity through art and craft

Bringing out children's creativity through art and craft0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Kenyan parents have a chance to indulge their children in art and crafts activities during family gathering or celebrations at the comfort of their home.

“We provide entertainment to children through art and crafts,” said Rehema Njoroge, the co-founder of Smartie Me Kids Factory. “We usually do it during birthday parties giving the children a fun, creative, engaging and unique activity that they can all take part in.”

Rehema and her colleagues let the children create the crafts on their own, which is a way of letting them tap into their creativity and their parents also get to see their potential and talents.
“We are only there as guides, who teach the children how to use the equipment but we then let them build on their creativity,” she said. “We let them sit in groups so that they can also learn from other children.”

Rehema, who is an art graduate from Kenyatta University, started the centre with Maureen Namemba, who is also an art graduate from the same unverisity. They were inspired to start because they wanted to use their talents to encourage other children who are also talented in arts but had no way of expressing it.

“The current school curriculum does not leave room for children to explore and expressing their talents, we wanted to use ours to inspire young children,” she said. “We teach children between the ages 6 to 12.One session can last up to four hours depending on the activity they are doing.”

The activities include; beadwork, pottery, face painting, candle making and card making among others. The teachers come with the required material for the party depending on what the parent chooses the children do.

“We offer the parents different packages for example; beadwork and candle making. The package they choose will help us determine, the materials to carry and how to engage with the children.”

They charge between Sh100 to Sh400 per activity but it depends which one it is. To get in touch with them call on 0724220484.

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