Where to get Helium Balloons

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16194970 1343626292362173_8310199773783277371_nKenyans looking to spruce up a birthday or an event by using helium balloons can get them at Helium Balloons Co in Nairobi.

They sell different types such as; foil, latex and branded ones.

“The foil ones do not relieve air as fast as the others,” said Juliet Wawera, the business development manager at the company. “The latex ones can last up to eight hours.”

The reason helium balloons are preferred for an event is because they easily float in a room giving it a celebratory feel compared to the normal balloons.

“ Helium balloons can be used for any occasion from birthdays to corporate events,” said Wawera. “ They are not just for ‘serious events’, they can also be used at weddings to bring out the wedding feel. “

For foil or latex balloons , one can get them the same day that they order them from Helium Balloons Company but for branded ones, they have to be ordered in advance. “How long it will take to deliver the balloons will depend on how many one wants,” she said. “ For example, a hundred branded helium balloons can take upto two weeks to deliver, this is usually because of the branding process. We do the branding ourselves but it is the clients who choose what they want inscribed on the balloons.

“ But for birthdays or anniversaries, the process is quick because such branded balloons are usually readily available.”

Foil helium balloons go for Sh350 each, latex Sh200 each and latex branded balloOns for Sh250. Helium Balloon Company is located in Ngong Road, Banton court. To contact them call 0791084712

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