Innovation company to host a five-day entrepreneurship program for Kenyan students

Innovation company to host a five-day entrepreneurship program for Kenyan students 0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Kenyan students have a chance to attend a five-day entrepreneurship program that could help prepare them for the work environment after school.

“We want to teach students the basics of starting a business which include: business models, how to pitch to a client, how to create a business plan, the legality and financial requirements of starting a business among others,” said Lewis McGregor, the co-founder of SwivelBox, the organizer of the event.

Entrepreneurial skills can prove to be a great asset for students especially when the youth unemployment rate in the country as of 2014 was at 67 per cent according to the Kenya country report for the 2015 ministerial conference on youth employment, thus students need to be innovation ready when they leave high school.

“One of the reasons students should be taught entrepreneurship is because jobs are no longer available,” said Florina Rodov and Sabrina Truong in their article, Why Schools Should Teach Entrepreneurship in the business website “They should graduate high school innovation ready meaning that along with their mortarboards, they receive the critical-thinking, communication and collaboration skills that will help them invent their own careers.”

Other than teaching students the basics of entrepreneurship, SwivelBox intend to help students reinvent their careers by also inviting experts in various fields to share with them their experiences. “We will have different speakers such as Victor Mutua and Jabari Smith among others who are experts in different entrepreneurial fields,” said Mcgregor.

“On the last day of the of the program, we will have a panel discussion whereby students can ask questions to the panel members who will include Isis Nyongo and Neer Chandaria among others but not only that, they will also get a chance to pitch their business ideas and get creative feedback.”

Lewis together with his co-founder was inspired to hold the program because he believes self employment is on the rise and not just in Kenya, the whole world. “We want to help students to think like entrepreneurs and we believe that by them attending this program it could help them in their career paths even if it is not as entrepreneurs.”

The program will take place on 25th to 29th July and is for students aged 14 to 18 years. For the five days, it will cost Sh19, 900 which is inclusive of food, learning materials and a certificate. Registering with a friend is Sh17, 900 each.

To get in touch with them call: 0718821949 or check out their website

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