Where to get sofa set cleaning services in Nairobi

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12525362 514156852092291_6364913113929946383_oConpest, a Kenyan cleaning services Company is offering sofa set cleaning services to Nairobi residents in a bid to reduce the contraction of diseases from dirty furniture.

“The process of cleaning a sofa set includes, dusting it, brushing, foaming, using of detergents and water then drying it which takes a maximum of two hours,” said Anthony Malele the marketing manager at the company.

“A lack of cleaning furniture such as sofa sets attracts pests such as cockroaches and bedbugs which can lead to flu,” he said.

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Indeed, even fleas, mould, dust mites and pathogens, which dirty furniture their home can cause health risks to the family such asthma and developing of allergies. Also there is the risk of pungent smell emitting that engulfs the house from a lack of cleaning sofa sets.

Mr Malele recommends the cleaning of sofa sets after every three months. “Depending on the fabric of the sofa set and the type of family, meaning are there children, then it is best to clean after three months because of the dirt they carry into the house from playing.”

“For a household of adults only, it is recommended to clean after six months, because they can at least maintain a clean sofa set for a long period.”

Besides sofa set cleaning, they also offer mattress cleaning services, carpet cleaning, general cleaning, fumigation and pest control.

The price range for sofa set cleaning is Sh3000 to Sh5000 depending on the fabric and how big it is, mattress cleaning also depends on the size; for a 6by6 it is Sh2500.

For more information, you can call them on: 0704120129.

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